Hydrated skin is always in!

Hydrated skin is always in!

Incorporate Vitamin E into your day & night skincare regime

Vitamin E, as an ingredient, encourages the skin to absorb moisture and keeps it fresh and hydrated all day long.

Summer has just set in and with this change in season, our skin also begins to change and transform. Just as the leaves start to fall off the trees to grow back in the spring, our skin flakes off at a faster rate and cells renew to form a new skin. This is the time when we need to hydrate our skin more. To rescue our skin from the ever-changing weather and hydration-drenched conditions, include Vitamin E into your skincare regime as it’s a powerful hydrating and anti-oxidant agent.

Vitamin E, as an ingredient, encourages the skin to absorb moisture and keeps it fresh and hydrated all day long. Products with a combination of Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are wonder products which not only replenish the depleted moisture level but also keep it well locked in the skin, and maintain the skin’s protective barrier. Vitamin E lives in and protects the cell membranes to keep them healthy and hydrated. It helps your skin stay moisturised and supple. Fighting inflammation, it is an effective antioxidant and helps relax itchy and irritated skin.

Protective properties

Vitamin E has the maximum number of skin-protective properties and is thus beneficial if used in daily moisturisers, treatments, serums, mists and sunscreens. A beauty bucket of Vitamin E absorbs well into your skin and delivers the highest dose of hydration covering all the layers of your skin. Incorporating such skincare products promises hydration, protection and antioxidants to your skin.

Begin your day by preparing and activating the skin by exfoliating the dead and flaky skin off the face. You may choose from a variety of face cleansers in skin-friendly formats of cream cleansers and gentle facial washes. To give cleansing the final touch, a hydrating toner that removes excess traces of cleanser, dirt and make-up without over-drying the skin works well. Dab a Vitamin E hydrating toner with an organic cotton pad.

Before you step out for the day, protect your skin from pollution and harsh UV rays by nourishing your skin with a Vitamin E- and hyaluronic acid-enriched moisturiser. This moisturiser should also have a balanced mix of SPF which ensures the skin is well protected from harmful UV rays. Also, if you find it too cumbersome to apply a moisturiser every few hours, then you should go in for a moisturiser with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid as it retains its wonderful hydrating properties for 48 hours!

Eight hours of beauty sleep has always been the key ingredient for happy skin. Night-time is the best time when external aggressors are the least and the body’s own repair mechanism is fastest and works at an extraordinary speed to eliminate the toxins embedded in the skin. So, indulge your skin with an intense night mask rich in Vitamin E and the much-needed moisture magnet of hyaluronic acid.

Apart from all this, keep a pack of Vitamin E face cleaning wipes handy for whenever you need it. Do remember to focus on your under-eye region with a Vitamin E eye cream; it will leave you refreshed. You can also include a Vitamin E moisture-protection lip balm for soft lips.

So, what are you waiting for? Say yes to Vitamin E!

(The author is head, training, The Body Shop India)

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