Make it glow, on a budget

Make it glow, on a budget

Today, beauty advertisements are everywhere — from YouTube tutorials and Instagram posts to traditional print media — it’s hard to avoid, and even harder to resist. While the prices of products reach staggering highs, how do you choose? The good news is that beauty on a budget is indeed easily achievable; all it requires is that you are smart with your choices. 

With a bit of information and some strategic spending, you can have a great looking skin and still have cash in your wallet at the end of all your expenditure.

So, how we do that? Here are a few tips to ace your skincare game without blowing your bank: 

Basics first 

Beautiful skin begins with nourishment from within. It is imperative that you eat healthy to achieve that gorgeous, radiant skin. It is half the battle won. Fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and aim for at least five portions a day.

Add a range of nuts and fats (read avocado) and make sure to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. To ensure you are eating a well-balanced diet containing the best foods for skin health, it is advisable to speak to a nutritionist.
Home’s where the green is

Another modest method to take care of your skin is to simply look around your kitchen and garden and find the fix. For instance, Aloe vera can be grown easily at home and it does wonders to your skin and body. Try freezing aloe gel into ice cubes and you can use them for massage or begin your day with a glass of aloe juice. Another good option is ground coffee, as it helps in smoothing out the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Its antioxidant properties help in releasing the toxins.

Not everything available at home will suit every skin type, but trying something already available will make the task affordable compared to purchasing an alternative. Search online for DIY videos based on your skin type and use the information to choose the correct product. 

Go for dual-purpose formulas

Try purchasing multi-purpose products. For instance, some face creams also double up as make-up removers  and nourishing cleansers that help remove stubborn residue from the skin. Buy daily mosturisers that come with an SPF. The advantage with such strategic shopping is that you’ll buy few quality products as opposed to a whole range of expensive ones. 

Steam it 

Finally, nothing works better than a good old fashioned steam. If you’re simply looking to improve the general health of your skin, then you just have to get a facial sauna or take a steam at home regularly. By adding this to your skincare routine, you will quickly notice an improvement in your skin and witness a glow. For better results, you can use flower or herbal water for your steam.

(The author is founder,
Gulnare Skincare)

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