Pick the right diamond, dear!

Pick the right diamond, dear!

Did you know that there's a diamond shape that matches every persona?

From its shape to cut to clarity, everything needs to be just right when picking a diamond.

A diamond is worth a million words and hence while picking a diamond, it’s important that you choose ‘the one’. From its shape to cut to clarity, everything needs to be just right. There are so many gorgeous diamond cuts to choose from - round, heart, oval, and many more! We’re here with the easiest guide that will help you pick the perfect cut for yourself (or your special someone)!

The round cut

The round cut is a classic shape that you can never go wrong with! It is also the most preferred shape around the world. If you’re someone whose style mantra is ‘less is more’, you will love the round cut. This shape is great for people who are drawn to timeless and classy styles and whose wardrobes are dominated by pretty neutrals. Love making a subtle statement? Well, you have found your diamond!

The princess cut

The princess cut is the square version of the classic round. It is basically classic with a twist. This shape is ideal for someone who is bold and wants to try something out of the box. The best thing about this shape? It has the maximum brilliance among all the square and rectangular cuts! So you can imagine just how sparkling an engagement ring with a princess cut diamond will be.

The emerald cut

You’ll recognise the iconic emerald cut, all thanks to Beyoncé. If you like it, you definitely should put an emerald cut ring on it! The cut was a rage during the art deco period and now this style is making a serious comeback with celebs like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian picking this shape. The emerald cut is a beautiful combination of sophistication and elegance. It highlights the clarity of the diamond. If you’re someone who is modern and edgy with a hint of adventurous spirit in you, then you have found your ideal diamond match!

The heart cut

Heart cut diamonds have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. The shape is so adorable and perfectly complements engagement bands. It is such a beautiful symbolism of everlasting love crafted in gold and diamonds! The cut requires expert craftsmanship to bring out that lovely heart shape. If you are someone who is creative and loves being in love, there is a no better shape for you than the heart diamond! So go on, wear your heart on your sleeve (or finger!).

The cushion cut

Also known as the pillow cut, the cut diamond has rounded corners and larger facets. It has a very distinctive antique charm to it that you really cannot resist! The cushion cut diamond disperses light effectively to make the diamond shine brighter and hide any flaws. If you love vintage fashion and think that 70s were a great time to live in, a cushion cut diamond is here to be your right diamond! Psst… Priyanka Chopra’s engagement ring is set with a mesmerising cushion cut diamond!

Go on and choose your stunning solitaire!

(The author is head, jewellery design & merchandising, CaratLane, A Tanishq Partnership)