Before you get inked...

Before you get inked...

Think about the design for a few days, and if you still feel the same way about it, get it inked.

A minimal wanderlust quote on your ankle or a fiery dragon spread across your back — many of us have a tattoo fantasy that we have been dying to turn into reality. The desire is there, but for whatever reason, many of us are yet to take the plunge.

Just like your first time bungee jumping or even a first date, your first tattoo will always hold a special place in your life. So, make sure that you choose right. Now, if you have decided to take the plunge and get inked, here is how to begin your tattoo journey right. Here are five things you need to know before you finally get your first tattoo:

Try the ‘six days’ rule

Most of us have a vague idea of a tattoo design we want, however, it is wise to wait rather than get a tattoo of the first design that pops in your head. Think about the design for a few days, and if you still feel the same way about it, get it inked!

Find your Mr/Mrs Right 

The key is to build a rapport with your chosen artist and speak frankly about your design so that he can help you get the best version of your design. Do not rely only on referrals, check out the artist’s portfolio on their website or social media handles. Some artists may be good at doing big, intricate tattoos but may not be able to do a small, dainty minimal tattoo. So, choose wisely according to your design. 

Don’t go for the cheap one

Just like all good things in life, a great piece of body art is not cheap and you should not expect it to be so either. While some artists charge according to the size of the art, some have a fixed price, and others operate on the vibes of their customers and may even give you a great discount or give you free touch-ups on the tattoo for life, everybody is different. So, do your homework, find your budget, and save accordingly. 

Have some patience   

Like we said before, pain will be the least of your concerns when getting inked. Everyone has a different pain threshold and so do your body parts. Most likely you’ll feel the pain lessen after about 15 minutes. Also, tattoos take time so it is not advisable to be in a hurry and get it over with. Do not be afraid to ask your tattoo artist for short breaks in between. This will also give you time to check out your tattoo’s progress and suggest any improvements. 

Be ready for post-care commitment

Once you’re all tatted up, the worst is over, but you will still require a little more patience. As your gorgeous art heals, it will form not-so-pretty scabs that will flake, itch, and will require lots of moisturising. So, keep the area clean, do not pick on your scabs, and do not scratch it. In a week or two, you would be ready to flaunt your body art to the rest of the world. And just like everybody with good skin says, drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

(The author is founder,
BodyCanvas Tattoos)