Your nutrition myths, busted

Your nutrition myths, busted

Should you eat more salads? How effective is the keto diet? Here are the top 10 nutrition myths

Every human is born with a different fingerprint, so how can one diet plan benefit all?

Till last year, researchers, doctors and dieticians were looking at the same solutions for all patients. Everyone thought the ‘one size fits all’ approach is working because nobody is complaining or remotely understanding its effect. No fingerprint is the same, similarly, no human body is the same nor are the solutions. Let’s bust the top 10 nutrition myths:

One diet benefits all

Every human is born with a different fingerprint, so how can one diet plan benefit all? The consumer is, no way, buying into the same again. He/she is clever and will demand bio-individuality and personalised nutrition plans based on the missing elements that need to be integrated.

Saying ‘No’ will aid weight loss

No sugar, no junk or no cheat meals isn’t a sustainable philosophy. Accept the fact that these comfort foods are allowed on holidays, celebrations or in stressful situations. We are human, after all. Let’s accept it, acknowledge it and own it. Even athletes and celebrities binge every now and then. So, make sure there are more yes’s than no’s.

Health is only about food

Mental wellness is also a part of your overall health and wellness. Not tapping into what bothers you internally and focusing your energy only on ‘what is next on my plate’ is missing the point entirely. Emotions drive everything, what you would like to eat, wear, or how you want to behave. A bad mood can throw you off a health plan, but a happy mood can make you eat healthy stuff!

I can work out & eat anything

Well, that’s absolutely disappointing when you don’t see the weighing scale move lower at all. You can be a gym rat, but if you end up eating more calories than what you burn, the scale will go up, no matter what form of workouts you are unto. So, nutrition is key to losing those extra kilos and not the other way around.

A vegan diet is the best diet

Most people turn vegan only to lose weight and not because of ethical, environmental or health reasons. The ones doing it for faddish reasons are at the receiving end of excess weight gain and nutrient deficiency. Although there are various health benefits of a vegan diet such as a trimmer waistline and improved blood sugar control, be careful when you choose a vegan diet.

Salads help me lose weight

Salads do help us lose weight, as fibre is low in calories and keeps us feeling full for hours. But if that salad has a dressing loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats or too many dry fruits, it’s not a healthy salad anymore. It might be a dish of 800-1,000 calories. So, beware of the dressings in the salad, pick a balsamic vinegar or olive oil dressing along with cruciferous green leaves.

I have to buy expensive fruits & vegetables for my diet

Our ancestors remained slim and fit even when they were 80. All they ate were seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. Their meals had the perfect combination of good fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and never included any fancy elements. 

I have to indulge in many fad diets

The keto craze is the best example of fad diets. The only conversation at all parties these days is about who supplies keto desserts and meals. But you have to understand that the best diet isn’t the one that is popular; it’s something that you follow in accordance to your tastes and lifestyle. 

I should not consume sweet vegetables like sweet potatoes

Every dietician has advised against these, but I recommend them to all my clients, including diabetics, so that they crave less sugar. These starchy fruits and vegetables also help the bacteria in your body to multiply and feed the gut well. 

I should drink sparkling water

Drinking sparkling water can lead to indigestion. Also, drinking water from the plastic bottle is not a great idea as the toxicity of plastic could lead to fake estrogens being absorbed by the body. Instead, drink regular water with some lemon slices in it.

(The author is an integrative and functional nutritionist)