Former KN CM Siddaramaiah rules out contesting, again

Former KN CM Siddaramaiah rules out contesting, again

Coalition Government Coordination Committee chairman Siddaramaiah clarified that he would abide by his stand of not to contest in next elections.

"When people say in public meetings that I should become the chief minister, I just reacted in that situation that I can become CM if people bless me next time. What is wrong in that, he asked.

Some Congress leaders stated that I can be the CM if people support Congress in 2023. Can I lock their mouth, and what is wrong if they express their views? Nobody said I would be the CM now itself, he said.

I will not discuss publicly about H Vishwanath' remarks, and we would discuss it in coordination committee meeting, Siddaramaiah noted.

BS Yeddyurappa would be a laughing stock in people's view if he continues to repeatedly say that he would be the CM again, as he got a chance but could not prove majority, he added.