Mamata demands probe into Rafale files theft

Mamata demands probe into Rafale files theft

Mamata also sought the central government's version about the theft and asked who was the 'chhuppa rustam' (hidden person) behind this act. (PTI File Photo)

Tearing into the BJP-led government at the Centre over the theft of documents related to the Rafael deal West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday demanded an investigation into the matter.

“ This is a very serious matter. I think there must be an investigation into it,” said the Chief Minister. She was speaking to reporters at the State Secretariat.

The Chief Minister raised several questions over the Centre’s claim that documents related to the Rafael deal were stolen. 

“ If the government officially says that defence documents were stolen then when were they stolen, how were they stolen and was any FIR lodged. This has never happened in the country,” said Banerjee. 

She also said that if such documents are stolen then it is a matter of great concern for the Centre and argued that such an incident may affect national security. She also accused the Centre of being unable to safely keep defence documents. 

“If such documents on security are stolen then what will happen to the sovereignty of the country? What will happen to national security?” asked Banerjee. 

Banerjee also asked that if the Centre cannot keep defence documents safe then how will it guard the country.

“ Where is the country heading? If the government itself is saying that defence papers got stolen then who will guard the country? If they can’t guard defence papers then how will they guard the country?... It is a huge scandal,” said Banerjee. 

She also slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue and alleged that the country was not safe under his government. 

“ What has happened is not right. It is dangerous for the country. The country is not safe under Modi ji’s government,” said Banerjee.

Earlier in the day the Chief Minister also asked for an investigation into the matter in a tweet.
Tweeting in Hindi Banerjee described the matter as a "farce" and asked what the Centre has to say about it. 

" What kind of farce is going on in the country? (Documents) are being stolen from the Defence Ministry. It is a matter of great danger for the country," tweeted Banerjee.

She also asked who was the " hidden person behind it? There should be an inquiry into this," tweeted Banerjee.

The Chief Minister asked the people to wait for a while as the matter will soon be decided in the election.

" What will the government say about this? Who is the hidden person behind this? There should be an inquiry into this. Wait for a while. Decision will soon be made in the elections," tweeted Banerjee.

Her Comments come a day after Attorney General K K Venugopal informed the Supreme Court that documents related to the Rafael deal were stolen from the Ministry of Defense Ministry.

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