Modi is scared, BJP is losing polls: Rahul

Modi is scared, BJP is losing polls: Rahul

Congress president Rahul Gandhi (Image courtesy Twitter/INC)

Delivering a pep talk for the party cadre ahead of the fifth phase of the Lok Sabha polls, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday claimed that he has a clear-cut feeling that the BJP is losing and described the saffron party's election campaign as “panicky”.

Gandhi also hit out at Modi for terming the Congress' claim of six surgical strikes being carried out during the UPA regime "video games".

"The Army has not started working now on national security, it has been working for the last 70 years. What is Narendra Modi in all this? He should not politicise the army. He cannot insult army jawans. The insulting army is insulting the nation.”

In a press conference on the last day of the election campaign, Gandhi also sought to shift the focus of the election narrative from national security to issues such as unemployment, agrarian crisis and economic slowdown and hit out at at the Prime Minister for his “silence” on issues such as unemployment and the agrarian distress.

The Congress President also steered clear of questions on the PM candidate of the Opposition.

“As far as I am concerned, the first target is to win the elections. And that is what I am going to do with full energy. The people of India will decide who is going to be the Prime Minister. That is up to them. That is not up to me. It is not my place to comment. It is the people of India,” Gandhi said.

He said he sees a “scared Prime Minister unable to face the onslaught of the opposition”.

“Over half of the election is over and it is clear that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is losing. I see a Prime Minister, who is absolutely convinced in his mind that he is trapped and he is not going to succeed. Issues like unemployment have not been addressed. Modi does not talk about these issues as he has nothing left to say. There is never a plan to tackle these issues,” the Congress president said.