Punjab Chowkidar union files plaint in EC

Punjab Chowkidar union files plaint in EC

The union leader said that neither Modi nor Rahul are allowed to use the word "chowkidar"

A chowkidar union in Punjab has approached the Election Commission of India with a plea to ban political parties from using the word "chowkidar" as it is defaming the name of their profession.

The report on The Indian Express says the union is complaining that people are calling the chowkidars "chor" (thief), with the leader of the union, Jaswinder Singh Jhande, saying it has become difficult for them to do their jobs as a result. He said the union has filed a complaint against both the BJP and Congress.

Jaswinder said that it was not acceptable to the union that anyone, even Narendra Modi, use the word "chowkidar" ahead of their names. He said that not everyone can be a chowkidar, guarding a village for a pittance. At the same time, he hit out at Rahul Gandhi saying "chowkiar chor hai" because it degraded their profession, adding that they are 'imandaar' (honest).

Jaswinder said that the move was taken after a number of chowkidars complained that people, aping politicians, called them "chor", which forced them to knock the doors of the EC offices in Delhi and Chandigarh.