Will expose Congress' 'dictionary of love': Modi

Will expose Congress' 'dictionary of love': Modi

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This election season has been witnessing politicians hurling abuses at each other. On Wednesday, Priyanka Gandhi took a jibe at the Prime Minister by comparing him to the 'Mahabharata' character Duryodhana. She claimed that 'Arrogance Was The End Of Duryodhana'. 

The Prime Minister, however, did not take the jibes lightly and responded strongly while addressing a rally in Kurukshetra, Haryana. He accused the Congress of accusing him time and again. He claimed that Kurukshetra was his second home and that was why he chose to tell the nation about the Congress party’s ‘real definition of love’. 

Modi claimed that he is a victim of ‘one-sided oppression’. He also went on say that “Kurukshetra is the land of truth and that is why I want to tell the nation what their (Congress) 'dictionary of love' actually means and what words they have in this dictionary and how they shower their love on Modi.” 

“Ek Congress ke neta ne mujhe gandi naali ka keeda kaha, toh doosre ne mujhe Ganguteli bola, ek neta ne mujhe paagal kutta kaha, toh doosra neta saamne aaya aur mujhe Bhasmasur ki upadhi de di. Congress ke ek aur neta hai, desh ke videsh mantri reh chuke hain, unhone mujhe bandar kaha, inke aur ek mantri ne mujhe virus kaha, toh doosre ne Dawood Ibrahim ka darja de diya,” he said.

“Kya bola? Mujhe bataya gaya, most stupid PM. Mujhe kaha gaya, Jawanon ke khoon ka dalal hai, inke prem ki dictionary se, mere liye Gaddafi, Mussolini, Hitler,” he said.

He went on to criticise the Congress for abusing him at every opportunity they got. He claimed that “This is their way of showing love. This is their 'dictionary of love'. These are some examples,” he said, adding that the Congress resorts to this when he questions their misdeeds and dynastic rule.”

The Prime Minister was critical of the Congress and claimed that they kept innocent people behind bars in the name of Hindu terrorists, but that their conspiracy got exposed. Modi also talked about the Pulwama attack and claimed that the retaliation by the Indian Air Force led to the Congress feeling ‘hurt’. 

He said it is unfortunate that senior Congress leaders felt the need to praise the Pakistan Prime Minister, instead of the strong action taken by the country to ensure the rescue of wing-commander, Abhinandan Varthaman. 

The Prime Minister appealed to the people and asked them to circulate his message on social media. “Can you circulate this on social media, on mobile phones? It is important to tell the nation about this one-sided oppression that I am going through…Will you spread this short message of mine to all your relatives across the country?”

Former prime minister Manmohan Singh and several other senior Congress leaders had previously written to President Ram Nath Kovind, asking him to caution Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the usage of “unwarranted, threatening and intimidating” language.