Books and writers are her inspiration

Books and writers are her inspiration

Heera’s other hobby is collecting pictures of temples across India and other countries.

Writer Meredith Wood says, “Reading stimulates the imagination and a good imagination can change the world in the most splendid of way”, and 58-year-old freelance writer Heera Nawaz lives by this.

Being an avid reader, Heera visualises interesting poems, sayings and quotes that she comes across. She attempts to portray the true meaning of the quotes through posters.

Heera Nawaz

Magazines, newspapers and books are her main sources for ideas. She asserts that reading helps her a lot. She shares that an anonymous quote which reads ‘Poems are written by fools like me, but only God can make a tree’ put in front of a tree in Cubbon Park inspired her to do a poster on that as well.

Having written many poems herself, Heera prefers reading non-fiction books. She adds that she likes reading self-help and motivational books.

“Many quotes by people like Michael Jackson, Shakespeare, Mother Theresa, Dolly Parton are a constant inspiration,” she says.

She also addresses social issues through her artworks; one of which is a poster on ‘Justice for Asifa’.

Cardboard, a glitter pen, thermocol are among the materials Heera makes use of for the posters; she also uses old birthday cards.

“Back in the day, people used to send birthday cards. I have saved each one of them,” she says.

When asked how she comes up with the ideas for the posters, she says, “They just hit me, and when it does, I write it down somewhere and later use it while making posters.”

Heera took up the poster-making hobby only two years ago, but from the past 20 years, she has been collecting pictures of temples. She shares, “It started during my ICSE exams. I wanted to get familiar with all the temple structures and the dynasties they belonged to. Hence, I started collecting pictures and eventually, made a scrapbook.”

Heera mentions that her siblings have been a constant pillar of support in her endeavours. “I am not vocal about my work with many people. But, the people who are acquainted with me recognise my work,” she says.

Heera has not thought of publishing her works online. She likes to keep her hobby away from commercialisation. But, those interested in poetry and other writing techniques can contact her at 87220 55666.