Child actors make a mark in films

Child actors make a mark in films

Child actors have to strike a balance between academics and acting. Metrolife caught up with some young stars

Karthik Saragur’s ‘Jeerjimbe’ is set to hit the theatres on November 16. The movie, shedding light on social issues like child marriage, narrates the story of a 13-year-old girl. Actor Siri Vanalli features as the lead role.

Having acted in many short films, ‘Jeerjimbe’ marks as Siri’s first feature film. She is also the recipient of ‘best child actor award female’. In a candid chat, she spoke about her role in the film and also her interests in taking up acting as a career.

Siri admits that playing the role of a 13-year-old village girl in the film did impact her. “Child marriage still prevails in rural areas. Being brought up in a city, I am provided with all the comforts I need. The film introduced me to actual rural life difficulties, and the experience has changed my views about life,” she elaborates.

“I was very nervous during the shoot as I had my 10th-grade board exams going on. But the fact that my role in the film inspires thousand of other girls kept me going. I am glad I took this opportunity,” she further adds.

Siri has been into theatre and acting since she was five years old. She attended ‘Natana School of Theatre Arts’ in Mysuru for training. She adds that Mandya Ramesh, the founder of Natana, inspired her to take up theatre and acting. She is also a Yakshagana artiste.

When asked about family support, she shares “Art has always been a part of my family. My dad pens the lyrics, mother composes the tune, brother plays the sitar, and we all sing together.”

The young artiste is currently pursuing law studies in the city. When asked if she is planning to take up acting as a career, she says, “My aim is to become a lawyer. I will not reject acting opportunities, but studies will always be a priority.”

Diya Palakkal

Diya Palakkal

Known as Aishwarya from the serial ‘Kinnari’ to the masses, Diya is not new to the industry. She says that her mother is her inspiration to take to acting.

“As a kid, Diya used to come to the shooting set and watch me perform. She is my critic. She analyses my acting skills,” says Ramya Ajay, her mother.

Diya was recently seen on the movie ‘Ammachi Yemba Nenapu’. “’Ammachi Yemba Nenapu’ was a wonderful experience. The cast and crew of the film were very supportive,” says Diya.

Diya is given training in the ‘Bimba’ theatre school in Vijaynagar. ‘Kinnari’ marked as her first appearance on TV. “She is interested in pursuing a career in acting. She has all the support she needs from our end,” says her mother.

“Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan are my favourite actors,” says Diya, when asked about the people she looks up to in the industry. She is currently studying in the 8th grade

Disha Ram

Popularly known as Mani, she took to acting at a very young age. “Disha was not even aware of her actions. She was acting as she was asked to do. Her enthusiasm and interest got her all the opportunities,” says Shwetha, Disha’s mother.

Disha Ram

Her first appearance was in the film ‘Happy Birthday’.

“The family initially did not approve of her acting; everybody was against her acting in serials. She was missing out on school, and this was the main concern. But looking at her interest I encouraged her, and now the entire family is in praise of her acting skills,” adds Shwetha.

Disha reveals that she is interested in taking up acting as a career. “Right now, my priority is education. But I will not turn down any opportunities,” she adds.

“We had a lot of problems during Kinnari shoot, as she was missing out on school. I had to teach her in the middle of the shooting breaks. She insists on taking up opportunities, but I keep her away from it, as of now,” adds Shwetha.

Unlike other child actors, Disha entered the acting field with no influence and looks up to actor Puneeth Rajkumar. She is currently studying in the 3rd grade.

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