Metrolife: For Chirashree, home is where the heart is

Metrolife: For Chirashree, home is where the heart is

My perfect weekend

Chirashree Anchan made her debut in the film industry with Tulu film ‘Pavithra’, where she played the role of a worker in a beedi factory. She was later seen in the movie ‘Ramba Rooti’. Her debut in the Kannada film industry happened with ‘Huliraya’, where she played a forest official’s daughter. Chirashree was also seen in Telugu movie ‘Aame Athaditha’ and Tamil movie ‘Manaithen’. The actor will soon be seen in upcoming Kannada movies ‘Karigambaliyalli Midinaga’ and ‘Udumba’.

A few of my favourite things
*Victoria’s Secret perfume
*Squid Ghee Roast
*Road trips
*My mobile phone

"It’s rare that I get a weekend to myself as I am always busy with a film shoot or some event. But when I do, I make it a point to spend time with my friends and family. They are my world.

Sundays are reserved for my favourite peeps, my mother Poornima and my brother Chiranjeevi. When I am in my hometown, Mangaluru, I wake up really late and then happily enjoy my mother’s special breakfast preparations like ‘Neer dose and fish curry’. After a lazy breakfast, we head out for shopping and sometimes a movie. A hearty and enjoyable lunch at ‘Ocean Pearl’, where I indulge in squid dishes, is often on the charts. 

We also head out to the beach sometimes. I am a water baby and I love playing on the beach. The waves relax my mind and I feel really refreshed after walking on the sand. We also bring our pet dogs to the beach sometimes.

My house is a haven for pets, we have four dogs namely Lara, Sara, Candy and Casper and three cats who are called Simba, Button and Dolo.

I love to spend time playing with them when I am at home and just chilling. From running around with them to just cuddling with them, they are the best stressbusters, anyone could ask for. 

I am a fitness freak so I love working out even on weekends. I love my morning walks which refresh me and my workout session at the gym or a quiet peaceful yoga session at home. Working out helps one focus on the better things in life and gives clarity about what one should focus on.   

Cooking is passion and it relaxes me. Blending flavours and various items to make something is like magic, I love how creative one can be while cooking. You turn into an artist without your knowledge. I love dishing our chicken specialities, especially ‘Chicken Sukka’ or ‘Chilly Chicken’.

On the sets or otherwise, I love reading. I love fiction and especially enjoy Chetan Bhagat’s works. Reading helps one get fresh perspectives and think more.   

Travelling is a big part of who I am. I love going for road trips as they can be really thrilling and satiating for the soul. When I am in Bengaluru, we head out to Mysuru often but when I am home, we go to places around. I especially like trips to Goa as it is just six hours away. 

I almost never get a Saturday to myself. But if I do, I just like doing my own thing. Saturday evenings often include sleepovers with close friends, especially with my childhood friend Nidhi. We will be up till 4 am, chatting about random things. Nidhi and I have been together for so long that we are like sisters. Our thoughts match and we can talk about anything under the sun for hours. 

Ask me what my perfect weekend is, and the answer will always be, with my dear and near ones. After all, the home is where the heart is.” 


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