Class of 1968 meets after 50 years amid laughter, hugs

Class of 1968 meets after 50 years amid laughter, hugs

Alumnae of Sacred Heart Girls High School arrive from across the globe for three days of nostalgia

As the Class of ’68 of Sacred Heart Girls High School came together for a reunion after 50 years, Bhatia Hall at Bangalore Club filled up with nostalgia.

Laughter and classroom stories echoed across the hall. Some in the group were surprised to see how different their school friends now looked. A few just couldn’t stop reminiscing about their years on the school playground.

The women were accompanied by their better halves, siblings and significant others. Husbands and brothers tuned in to stories from the past to the accompaniment of good food and drinks.  

Suman Mangaraj, organiser of the reunion, says, “We have been planning this since last year. I have been in touch with everyone individually and tried to put everyone across the globe in touch.”

The reunion began on Friday and culminated on Sunday. On Day 1, the classmates went on a picnic to Prestige Golfshire Club. On the second day, they visited the convent and the school and spent time with the nuns, following it up with lunch at Ebony on MG Road and dinner at Bangalore Club. On the third day, Prudence Chittiappa, one of the classmates, hosted lunch at her house in Cunningham Road.

“Convent education is very special. The etiquette, sense of responsibility and discipline that we have today was ingrained in our lives from our school days,” says Suman.

Cherryl Bhagar Lotfi, another alumna now settled in Canada, remembers her mischievous days. “I was naughty and used to tease Suman all the time. She was the quiet one and all the nuns liked her a lot. Christine Bhaskaran was very good at math. I remember Sandra D’Mello was always dignified. Anita Sood was my buddy, and we used to go with our bikes everywhere. Look at her today: she has become principal of a school in Amritsar,” she says.

Cherryl’s favourite teacher was Ms Banu Mahmood, who taught mathematics and “was loved by all” despite her strict ways.

Anita Sood, a former three-time national record holder in high jump, flew down from Amritsar to be part of the reunion. “When I was here, my day started with sports and ended with sports. We were the cynosure of all eyes,” she says.

The teachers’ pet, Anita confirms, was Suman. “She was so involved in everything she did,” she says.

Over the years, Anita lost touch with her classmates but had remained connected with her athlete-friend Nirmala Ponappa, a national champion like her.

“It doesn’t feel that we were away from each other. It is amazing to see we still have so many common things to talk about,” she says.

Ms Mahmood, many at the reunion recall, was perhaps the most admired and loved teacher. Other names came up too: physics teacher Sr Immaculata, chemistry teacher Venugopal, and Bina Dutt, who taught English. About 30 old students attended the reunion, with some flying in from Canada and Australia.


164 years old
Sacred Hearts Girls High School is on Museum Road, not very far from MG Road. It was established in 1854 by Sisters of Good Shepherd Convent, France.

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