Consumed by cricket!

Consumed by cricket!

Shrabani Das, Professional

I am not into cricket but the matches have been promoted to such an extent that I end up watching them on the computer because I don’t have a television. The speed for the IPL is quite high and I watch all these matches with friends. I prefer to do other stuff when I’m alone but a lot of time goes towards these matches when I am with friends.

Manish V, Student
Yes, the IPL is eating into the time I used to spend on television or computer and has even cut short the time I play cricket. The IPL this season is far more interesting compared to the previous two installments. It means rushing home from college as soon as possible. The IPL is ending up as a big hindrance in finishing assignments and presentations on time. 

Bhushan Safi, Student
I think the IPL is definitely an amazing source of entertainment, even for those who are not cricket fans. As soon as the IPL is on, everything else is forgotten and my friends and I get busy watching matches. It has definitely decreased the time I used to spend on watching movies, playing or going out. But since I watch them in a group, I do spend a lot of time with friends.

Aneesh Nirguna,Student
I don’t watch cricket at all and since all my friends are cricket fanatics, all of them watch the IPL matches all the time. So nowadays, I end up spending time just reading books, listening to music and other stuff. So in a way, the IPL has kind of decreased the time I spend with my friends.

Chitra Vishnoi,Student
I am not a cricket fan but I have been keeping an account of what is happening through news. Otherwise, my life is going on pretty normal. I am still spending time going to classes, shopping, watching movies etc. The other people in my class, though, regularly go to the stadium to catch up on the matches and are totally obsessed with them.

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