‘Digital art sharpened my creative skills’

‘Digital art sharpened my creative skills’

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If you are not taking art as your career, don’t you think it is a waste of time practising it?” is a ubiquitous question. When Sathvik P is asked the same, he has a ready answer.

“There’s nothing wrong in being passionate about two things. I am able to take forward my interest in art along with my career; making art a hobby doesn’t diminish it’s importance in my life.”

The product designing student took to digital art just six months ago and his works are a testament to the transformation that creativity undergoes when mixed with technology. 

“When you are creating digital art, you can’t really call the shots. My ideas change throughout the process — I start off with something in mind and end up creating something else,” Sathvik says when asked about the process of creation.

Social media, he says, is the best platform for budding artists like him. He has published his digital art works on his Instagram page ‘picoart_’ . ‘Thankyoux’ and ‘stefankunz’ are the two instagram profiles he follows and admires.

“My first attempt was a nightmare,” says Sathvik, adding, “I never published my work until recently. I was not sure if people would appreciate it.”

As a child, Sathvik was always interested in painting and calls himself a firm believer of the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. He says digital art is just a new way of expression.

He is a self taught artist and turns towards YouTube and Pinterest for ideas. His digital art works hide in them a social message; the most recent one talked about excessive water consumption.

The artist has now become a role model for other upcoming artists; his dedication seems to have inspired them.

Despite a rocky start, his works are now sought by people from all over the world.

“Digital art, as a hobby, is a remarkable way to sharpen your creative skills — it lets you look at multiple ways to approach an issue. It also encourages open-ended thinking and creativity, promotes individual development and enhances life skills,” he opines.

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