Gandhi Bhavan works to further Mahatma's teachings

Gandhi Bhavan works to further Mahatma's teachings

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi came into existence in February 1949 when leaders decided to create a national trust in Mahatma’s memory. The main aim of the fund was to further the activities initiated by Gandhi and propagate his teachings. 

The Karnataka Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi was registered as an autonomous state body in 1965 and was inaugurated by Dr S Radhakrishnan, the then President of India. The Gandhi Bhavan is the medium through which this fund works in the state. For this, the Government of Karnataka granted a site in Kumara Park, adjacent to Kumara Krupa guest house where Gandhi stayed during his visit to the state in 1927.

This spacious stone building with artistic panels of carved figures of Gandhi and a photo gallery showcasing his life history is frequented by visitors.

Gandhi Bhavan is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Gandhi and Kasturba on October 2.  H K Patil, Roshan Baig, H S Doreswamy, Dr Patil Puttappa and M V Rajasekharan are expected to be present at the function.

The Bhavan is calling it ‘Ba and Baapu’s 150th birth anniversary’. “Kasturba is the reason behind Gandhi’s success. People hardly remember her. The gender bias is so transparent,” opines Indu Krishnappa, Honorary Secretary, Gandhi Bhavan.

Along with NSS, Gandhi Bhavan conducts various camps and workshops for students, every year.

“We believe that spreading principles of Mahatma among the youth helps in eradicating social evils like alcoholism, gender inequality and superstition. We also intend to popularise Khadi,” shares Indu.

They also conduct yearly exams on Gandhi’s teachings and publish Gandhian literature. Fellowships are given to students who wish to research further on Gandhi.