'I was drawn to cricket by Indians'

'I was drawn to cricket by Indians'

Settling down

'I was drawn to cricket by Indians'

CANDID Peter Ongondo

He has been here before and observes that the City has changed a lot from the last time he had been here. But all said and done he feels it has changed for the better.

Metrolife caught up with the cricketer who spoke at length about his tour of the City and his experience of the World Cup.

Talking about the City, the Kenyan bowler says, “It has become much greener and the roads have definitely improved.” 

His friendly nature is one of the first things that catches one’s attention. Chat him up a bit and you realise that his passion for the game first began when he watched the Indian team play. As a child it was his Indian friends living in Kenya who got him interested in cricket and everywhere he went it was only cricket on everyone’s mind. “Cricket is not as popular in Kenya as it is in India but it is the Indian population out there who actually make it popular. In fact everytime cricket is aired on TV, the public have to shell out a lot of money but if India is playing then that channel is free of cost,” he explains.

The Kenyan team chosen for this World Cup has a good blend of seniors and juniors, which Peter says is sometimes an advantage and at times a disadvantage. “For many of the young players, this is their first World Cup trip. So for the first few matches they were just overwhelmed by the noise, the crowd and they could hardly hear what the captain was saying. I guess now they are slowly settling down,” he says.

Taking about his World Cup journey so far, Peter says it has only been about playing and travelling. “We try to observe each city we visit but at the end of the day it’s about cricket. And on Sunday whether we win or lose we will give  our best and enjoy the game,” he signs off.