Impacting lives, one short story at a time

Impacting lives, one short story at a time

Ruthuparna Sharma was never the kind of person who liked to maintain journals or note down little incidents he saw on a daily basis. But one day he decided to take up the challenge and see if something interesting will come out of it.

He started a blog called ‘Win World by Love’ and wrote stories and interesting things he saw that was happening around him. When his friends started telling him that he should turn his stories into a book, he thought it might be a good idea.

Ruthuparna says, “So I went on a solo trip to Kerala for a couple of days and wrote my book. I would have slept for a total of eight hours in my four days of stay there. But that resulted in a compilation of 30 short stories.”

He is now the proud author of ‘The Rhythm of Silence’ which is available across the country in multiple book stores.

“I’ve always been the kind of person who believes that there’s always a solution to any problem. The stories that I’ve compiled are incidents that have helped me learn and hopefully share that message with other readers too,” he says.

Every story starts with a question, sites an incident and concludes with an analysis of it. Ruthuparna says, “To be honest, I’ve never been able to complete reading a book. And I know that the attention span of people is coming down drastically which is why short stories like this seemed
to be the best idea.”

And reading his book, a lecturer from Jain College offered him a job to join as a professor. He teaches Human Network Academy which concentrates not only on the subjects taught in class but also help develop life skills. It could range from how to manage relationships to the management of subconscious mind. He has been working for the Jain management since December. “I’ve always felt that a job should be the expression of yourself and most of your learnings happen outside your classroom. So we need to develop that and make the most of it.”

So where does he get this positivity from? “I think it’s because I am surrounded by positive people. Whatever I have gone through in my life so far has somehow influenced and affected my life. There’s always something to learn from, even if it is not a pleasant experience. I follow the motto that if you are ready, life is always ready for you.”

Ruthuparna is already working on his second book and he hopes to publish it later this year.

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