How to make it a festive season for doggies too

How to make it a festive season for doggies too

From special treats to grooming, here is what you can gift your pets this Christmas

What better way than to celebrate this holiday season than with your furry friends. Metrolife tells pet parents the different ways to make Christmas special for their pets. 

IT professional Michele Pereira is pampering her dog and three cats with lots of goodies. “My pets get goodies on a daily basis but since it’s the holiday season, they will be getting more treats. I buy from the nearby pet bakery which has items like cookies, custom-made burgers, liver cookies and so on,” she says.

Michele also plans to buy them toys for Christmas. “I wanted to leave them under the tree but I know that it’s not a good idea,” she laughs.

Krithika Raghavan, community manager at CoWrks, is taking one-year-old Grace for her first grooming session at Pawbar. “This will her first time at a grooming session. I want her to look nice and clean for the holidays,” says Krithika.

Krithika also invests in an interactive game per month. “It was her birthday last month so I got her the first level of a treat dispenser game. She got the second level, which is a puzzle, this month. Each month, I’ll increase the difficulty level,” she points out.

Rashi Sanon Narang, founder and CEO of Heads Up For Tails, a pet store, says that pet parents want to include their furry babies in the celebrations and the easiest way to do this is to get them special treats. “From Christmas cookies to accessories like bow ties and bandanas, we have curated a long list of gifting options for the pets. We also have a Christmas Wagbox, which has something for both the pet and pet parents.”

All the food products are human-friendly, which means pet parents can now taste what their pets are having.

“We have a Christmas treat which is made with homemade apple sauce and cinnamon. We also have biscuits made of natural vanilla, beetroot and apple. Humans can try them but it won’t be that tasty since it is sugarless,” she adds. 

You can gift your pets bow ties, bandanas, berry-scented candles or even reindeer collar inserts and elf collars for that Christmas feel to your pet. 

Party time
This holiday season, you can event take your dog for a day out at a pet resort. Kumar Rich R, founder, ‘Canaan Pet Resort’ in Dodda Gubbi, is gearing up for a holiday party for their four-legged inmates.

“On December 24, we are planning to play some music, cut a cake that we’ve specially ordered and have a barbecue party for the dogs. Pets can also hang out by the pool and go for a swim if they want,” he says. 

The resort also offers other services like grooming and accommodation and the rate starts from Rs 500.

Get a friend home
Making this festive season special for fur balls, ‘Therpup Dog Cafe’ in Whitefield has planned an adoption drive. Vinayak Chaturvedi, owner of the cafe, says, “For our Christmas celebration this Sunday, we have collaborated with an NGO and are organising an adoption drive for dogs and cats. We currently have 15 dogs for adoption with a few cats as well. Interested people can join us.”

For Christmas, the cafe has planned to make a dog-friendly cake for all the dogs that will be coming in.

There is also a trampoline and a small swimming pool where dogs can chill and have a good time.

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