‘MAD’ crafts man Rob back with new tricks

‘MAD’ crafts man Rob back with new tricks

Life art show in Bengaluru Friday through Sunday.

If you grew up in the 90s, you would know the television show called M.A.D that aired on Pogo. Harun Robert, aka Rob, was the creative genius behind turning things you could find at home and making something beautiful out it. He was the pioneer of the concept of do-it-yourself even before the concept was given a name.

Over the years, he’s moved from the television world to the digital world with social media pages and multiple YouTube channels. But he’s back with a ‘mad’ fun show called Imaginarium - It`s a Wonderful World which is India’s first interactive live art show for kids and family.


In a chat with Metrolife, he spoke about the show which will be held today at Good Shepherd Auditorium and how his work has evolved over the years. 

Why should one attend the Imaginarium? 

It’s interactive and it’s the first time something like this is happening in India. To be honest, this has been my dream project and I’ve been working on this for a long time. As you already know, I do a lot of work for and with kids but they’ve all been on a television and digital platform. I was only reaching out to them through a screen. Here, I get to encourage them to participate, entertain and live them a live format for creating something fabulous with things around you. 

You started the DIY trend years before it became a phenomenon. 

Yes, there weren’t many shows at the time that did what I did. The ones who are doing it on digital platforms now have grown up following my work. So it’s great that I can connect with them and discuss ideas. I am always looking for ways to improve and they help with that. It’s a healthy competition and it’s great to see many young minds taking DIY seriously.

The ways to do it has changed too... 

Definitely. DIY wasn’t popular at all back then. The language and platforms have changed. Back in the day, art was just considered a hobby. Slowly people are realising that it can also be a career option now. Those who are creatively inclined can seriously learn about it. However, though the ideas have changed, the concept still remains the same. 

You’ve moved from television to digital platforms... 

You kind of have to. The jump from television to digital was a big one. TV gave me a half an hour show but the time span on digital is much shorter. So you have to tweak your content according to whichever social platform you’re on but making sure that the core still remains as art. 

Where do you get your ideas from? 

I try to spend time watching content on YouTube. I keep writing down my thoughts and ideas in my notebook so I already have a bank of ideas. I just have to go back and work on it. And thanks to the world of the internet, my followers message me with requests and trending stories that I can work on. 

Any tricks you’ve tried that weren’t successful? 

The views are lesser when the format is longer than usual, thanks to the attention span of views these days. I’m also trying to introduce art and travel. Unfortunately, art and travel is not a topic many are keen on watching — it’s still a work in progress. 

Imaginarium - It`s a Wonderful World is on at Good Shepherd Auditorium at 6 pm on Friday. Spanning 90 minutes, Rob and his ‘The Helping Hands’ will engage the audience with science and art experiments. Two shows each Saturday and Sunday, at 12 noon and 6 pm.