Aranyani’s new line of Kodagu-inspired bags

Aranyani’s new line of Kodagu-inspired bags

Kodagu line

The city-based luxury handbag brand, Aranyani, launched a new collection inspired by the Kodagu district. The collection is inspired by the life of Princess Victoria Gowramma, daughter of Chikka Virarajendra, the ruler of Coorg who was deposed by the British.

The collection narrates a three-part story - ‘unearthed ecstasy’, ‘mystic union’ and ‘symphony of the rain’. The line ‘unearthed ecstasy’ was launched in
August; the other two collections will be launched soon.

The line presents two varieties of bags, hand-crafted painted, and machine stitched. The hand-painted ones are quite expensive, whereas the machine stitched ones start from a price range of Rs 8000 and go up to Rs 30000.

The art on the hand-painted bags is unique, and it mostly draws people who are into art. It has a good reach in the US and is being lauded for the art. The collection has an array of clutches, hobos and totes.

The brand is the brainchild of CEO Haresh Mirpuri. He says, “Aranyani does everything inspired by nature. We know that the region of Coorg is very important. The people of
Coorg are nature-worshippers, and that is what inspired us to think of a story related to it. We believe that that’s kind of spirit that gels with our brand.”

Aranyani takes inspiration from nature. Haresh visits the places himself, explores, gathers information about it, and presents it to the designing team. “I come up with the story, and start working with artists. We build concepts on that and create a context. The artists are trained at least for two years,” adds Haresh when asked about the process.

The startup company has been growing exponentially since its launch. It focuses on connecting the products to nature and also empowering the youth. A lot of work goes behind manufacturing the bags. Aranyani also offers a collection for men.