Cafes are new biz spots

Cafes are new biz spots

Even though coffee shop owners offer a wide variety, the humble filter coffee drink is still a favourite

The coffee culture in Bengaluru has always been a pleasant one. For a South Indian, having a filter coffee is daily medicine. 

But over the years, the newer generation has been open to plenty of new varieties coffee has to offer. From the authentic steel glass filter coffee to cappuccinos to sea salt coffee, the baristas are also always experimenting with flavours to incorporate in the brew. 

Meeting point

Cafes have also become a place where people come to not only drink coffee or catch up with friends but also to work and possibly even start businesses. 

Sushant Goel, co-founder of Third Wave Coffee Roasters, points out how many have started their companies at their cafe. “These are people who have never met each other. But something, somewhere clicked and started many business ventures here. We’ve also seen many falling in love and get married too.”

Today, we also have a generation who bring their young children to cafes, just to introduce them to places they used to hang out at. 

Micro community

Having said that, many in the city don’t like travelling because of the traffic. Business owners are targeting such customers and building their establishments in each prime area now. That’s why we see so many branches of cafes in different parts of the city. 

Ayush Bathwal, co-founder of Third Wave Coffee Roasters, explains that the community angle entrepreneurs are choosing are helping businesses grow.

“People would rather hang out within their areas and utilise the time as best as possible without worrying about traffic.”

Seasonal coffee

While dark coffee pairs well with sweets, milk coffees are better paired with a savoury item. And Bengaluru is quite open to trying a new type of coffee, especially those made seasonally. Be it an orange coffee flavour, sea salt flavour or cinnamon, coffee enthusiasts are always game. 

Having said that, there’s still a demand for filter coffee in cafes. And not just any filter coffee, they want it specifically made in the filter and served in the steel glasses.  “It’s a tough competition but filter coffee is coming up in the menu soon,” laughs Sushant. 

App movement

In order to save time and by offering discounts, some cafes have come up with apps. One can place their order in advance and have the drink or food ready without much wait time. So the more you order, the more points you earn and get your coffee on half a price. 

This encourages people to become regulars and consume coffee. 

It’s safe to say that with technology, the coffee culture is here to stay and is predicted to only increase. 

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