Tips to improve quality of life

Tips to improve quality of life

Nearly one in two Indians have a poor quality of life, Danone India survey reveals. The study was done across the parameters of physical and psychological health, social relationships and environment.


The key to a happy life is a healthy mind, body, and soul. With the pandemic taking a toll on everyone’s mental and physical health, coping with the new normal has been difficult for all.

The quality of life is not measured by the circumstances but our mindset, Anupma Singh, co-founder of a life coaching company, tells Metrolife.

Physical and mental state of a person determines the quality of life. “They say nutrition plays a vital role in achieving a good physical health but more often than not we see well-to-do people leading a a poor quality of life. The reason may not be poor nutrition but their mindset,” she adds

“The only way to tackle this problem is by changing our lifestyle and mental discipline,” she states.

Sushma Krishnan, life coach, says that it is essential to become aware of the way you are spending your daily life. “Observe 24 hours of your life from a third person’s perspective. Ask questions about yourself, family and work. If the answers are not satisfactory, it is time to change the way you are living,” she explains.

Change can never happen overnight and taking control of your life isn’t an easy task, says Sushma. “Create pockets of time. Start by identifying what you can let go and start saving up time for yourself. Utilise that time to do something you have always wanted to do,” she adds.

Having a poor quality of life not only affects you but every life associated with you, she notes. Sushma further mentions that you will only be able to experience genuine happiness when you take good care of your body, mind, the environment you work and live in, and your relationship.

If you are not in the right state of mind, it is okay to seek help from the professionals, says, Dr Venkatesh Babu, psychiatrist.

If you can’t be productive, try not to be destructive. “Attempt to eliminate your destructive personality traits, that way, you are not only improving your relationship with others but also building a strong support system,” he states. Take one step at a time, it might not be easy but it is totally worth it, he further says to his readers. 

Poor lifestyle characters

Unhealthy eating habits.

Not following a set routine.

Lack of planning.

Poor social skills.

How to improve?

Practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

Let go of toxic relationships.

Practice effective self talk.

Inculcate habits that enriches your thought process.

Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

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