A drink with multiple uses

From using it to put out a fire to curing an upset stomach, the carbonated drink has many benefits you’ve never thought of. Today is International Beer Day

Say cheers to the ways beer can be used apart from chugging it down.

Bengaluru is known as country’s beer capital. Popular for its breweries and now for its innovative beer concoctions, the city has a lot of beery tales.

The beverage is not only perfect to sip on a stressful day though. You can use it for various other things, including cleaning household items. Some of them are quite unique and innovative!

Here are some ways to use beer for your daily chores:

Beery bath

For those who don’t know, a beer bath can be quite relaxing. If you are staying off beer for a while, pour it into a bath tub and soak in it.

Feet therapy

Had a tiring and stressful day? Soak your feet in a bucket of two cold ones poured in. The carbonation process will help soothe your tired feet.

Put out a fire

Though a beer bottle or can should not replace a fire extinguisher, it works well on small fires like grill flare-ups. After all, beer is mostly water and the foam will do the trick. Just simply shake and spray it all over.

Marinate some meat

Because of its slightly acidic nature, beer makes for an excellent tenderiser. Most chefs will vouch for it too. This will produce leaner cuts. However, beer doesn’t change the flavour of the meat like wine does. Just poke some holes into the meat, put into a resealable bag or container and add the beer. For best results, marinate it for a few hours.

Acidity trick

Beers’ acidity was earlier used to polish copper vats in breweries. It works well in removing stains from copperware; it adds a shine to it too. Leave the beer on for a while before wiping it off.

Break the rust

As beer is a carbonated drink it can be used to loosen up a rusty bolt.

Cure an upset stomach

Highly carbonated beer is just as effective as Sprite or 7Up to cure an upset stomach. The alcohol content helps buffer the pain.

Note: Do not try this if you have stomach ulcers or gastritis as the alcohol content can worsen it.

Cold pack

Need a cold pack for a throbbing headache or toothache? Don’t worry if you don’t have ice in your refrigerator. Just use a beer can and lightly massage the affected area with it. 

Make your own beer shampoo at home
The benefits of beer shampoo are numerous. However, one must be careful to reduce the alcohol content in the beer which otherwise will make your hair dry and brittle. 

Method: Pour a cup of beer into a saucepan, boil it in medium heat till it reduces to 1/4th of its original proportion. Wait till it cools and add the beer to your favourite shampoo.


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