‘Honeymoon’ is a comic take on newlyweds’ lives

‘Honeymoon’ is a comic take on newlyweds’ lives

‘Honeymoon’ traces the life of a couple who get entangled in a host of problems during their honeymoon

Kannada web series ‘Honeymoon’ will be shot like a full-fledged movie in 4k, with a two-camera set up.

After the successful run of its Kannada web series ‘Hate You Romeo’, Sakkath Studio returns with ‘Honeymoon’,a heartwarming story about a couple on their honeymoon and a hilarious take on the happenings during their stay. This series is made by Shri Muthu Cine Services,headed by Niveditha Shivrajkumar, and Sakkath Studio headed by Pradeepaa, Ravi and Vivek. The new series is written by Nagabhushana NS, who is also plays the main protagonist in the film.

In an interview with Metrolife, R J Pradeepaa talks about the making of ‘Honeymoon’.  

Why did you decide to make this a web series and not a full-fledged movie?
Digital is the future and we see a lot of stars announcing their web series. Two years ago, when we started Sakkath Studio, our intention was to produce professional Kannada web content. ‘Loose Connection’ was watched by 90 lakh people across the world. That boosted our confidence. We are trying to build a strong business module with content that can compete with any movie in the regional space. 

What is ‘Honeymoon’ about?
‘Honeymoon’ is about how two strangers come together as husband and wife. The perception about a honeymoon is always about what happens inside the four walls of a room.
But we want to portray what the couple goes through emotionally when they opt for a six nights and seven days tour package – how they share their thoughts and live as husband and wife. The entire story has been narrated in a hilarious way.  

How will this subject appeal to the youngsters?
This series is specifically targeted at young people. The story will appeal to couples who are just about to be married, have gone on a honeymoon, or have even completed a year of marriage. The content is such that it connects to everybody. The youthful narrative and scenic locations add to the charm of the series. The music by Vasuki Vaibhav is sure to strike the right chord.

What is unique about this web series, in terms of locations and the techniques used?
Our earlier project, ‘Hate you Romeo’, was completely shot in Vietnam. In this series, we are taking the story to an exotic location. ‘Honeymoon’ will be like a movie, with a two-camera setup, completely shot in 4k with sync sound. The songs are written in such a way that they will connect to the youngsters. 

‘Honeymoon’ is directed Vikram Yoganand, who has previously directed the ‘Dr PAL’ web series and ‘Heengondu Dina.’ The music is by Vaibhav Vasuki, who has previously worked on ‘ Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale’ and is a popular singer as well. Cinematography is by Rahul Roy and Vikram Yoganand.