'More credit should be given to OTT music composers'

'More credit should be given to OTT music composers'

He has scored music for YouTube Channel ‘The Viral Fever’

From an early age, Vaibhav Bundhoo had a keen eye for music. He would listen to music on the radio and analyse the instruments used for it. But he admits that his interest in music came about as he wanted to impress girls.

That eventually led him to become a composer, producer, lyricist, cinematographer, editor, graphic designer, photographer and director.

Vaibhav says, “I have never focussed only on scoring. I grew up in Mauritius where I was exposed to music from different cultures. I make music and write songs like I always have — whenever they come to me. I have been fortunate enough to have a bank of demos that met every requirement that has come to me so far.”

Earlier, Vaibhav was a singer and songwriter under the name ‘VS42’ and already had a bank of 200 songs. He joined the team of ‘The Viral Fever’ (TVF) as a cinematographer and also scored music for shows ‘Permanent Roommates’ and ‘Pitchers’.

Within a short span of time, he won Best Original Soundtrack for ‘Humorously Yours’ and Best Electronica Artist at Radiocity Freedom Awards for his single ‘Tu Bas Naach’.

He says that making music for the web series is part of a larger plan. “I was hired as a camera operator intern. I had to work my way and earn the trust of the team to be able to do music for the shows. There’s still a long way to go,” says Vaibhav.

His achievements so far have given him a larger perspective to things. “The intention is to impress at every opportunity you get. Don’t create things that you’d be embarrassed to make your friends listen to,” he says.

‘The Viral Fever’ also has a chat show called ‘The Music Room’ where Vaibhav interacts with leading musicians from the Indie pop space. He tells Metrolife that the show will “evolve into something bigger with more segments”.

He also points out that the lack of credit that goes to music composers on OTT platforms is
“astonishingly disheartening”. 

“Rather than recognising the music for the powerful marketing that it is, the marketing teams don’t even credit the composers and featured artistes. And this is in a world where web series get more viewers than 90 per cent of theatre released films,” he opines.

Apart from non-fiction and music content, Vaibhav loves to explore science fiction, thriller and other genres of stories, as a director and as a composer.

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