Neha likes shopping, cooking

Neha likes shopping, cooking

Neha Saxena

Actor Neha Saxena made her debut into the film industry with Tulu film ‘Rickshaw Driver’. Her first Kannada film was ‘Just Love’, after which she was seen in ‘Game’, ‘One Time Miss MaadkoBedi’, ‘Dandu’ and ‘Liquid’. She was noticed for her role in Malayalam movie ‘Kasaba’, where she starred against Mammootty. Her next Malayalam film, ‘Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol’ starring opposite Mohanlal also got her appreciation. The actor will soon be seen in upcoming Kannada films ‘Dil Ka Raaja’, ‘Ojas’, ‘Bypass Road’ and ‘Liquid’.

"If I have a weekend to myself, I make it a point to start late. Late mornings are synonymous free time for me. As I stay alone, I try to cook something special or go out to a good place for a good meal.

I plan with friends or head out by myself to my favourite joints. I love heading out to ‘Indian Paratha Company’ with my friends for a hearty meal. We also like going to Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) outlets, especially the one at Lavelle Road, since you can sit for hours and chit-chat. I also head out with friends to new places to explore new eateries and travel spots.

I have a good circle of friends. Of my close friends, I share a close bond with actor Karthik Jayaram. We were not so close during our shoot days but soon after, we became really close. I love the fact that he has an honest approach to things and he never judges me. Out of the industry, Jyotsna Venkatesh, a fitness trainer, is someone I share a special bond with. We share the same birthday which adds to the bond. Both of them are my 2 am friends, people I can turn to for just about anything. 

I have my own Airport diaries. When I miss home and am by myself, I go to the airport and sit at the CCD there. The guy at the counter knows me well now and he always helps me with my favourite spot there. 

Cooking is therapeutic and I love cooking up a storm when I am free. I prefer preparing vegetarian dishes. You name the dish and I can make it. I can also make delicious non-vegetarian items like Tawa Fish Fry and Chicken Roast.

Shopping is a favourite pastime and my mother Annu is the best companion when I am shopping for trinkets and nitty-gritty items. I believe that branded clothes and items are to be worn at formal and classier events and I like to wear comfortable wear at other times. I love shopping for non-branded items on Commercial Street and finding new and exciting small things there. It’s a delight to shop in Bengaluru.

My mother lives in Dehradun, but she visits as often as she can. I also try to visit her at least once in three or four months. She is a big pillar of strength and she is my biggest inspiration too. She is a tomboy mom and she has always taught me to live life on my own terms. She’s more of a friend than a parent. 

I grew up in a house of pets, we have 16 dogs, including St Bernand, Great Dane and Labradors. We also had some birds and a squirrel. Pets are the best blessing one can ever get, they are the best stress busters to have around. 

I’ve learnt a lot from my mother and love having her around, even on my work trips. My interest in nature comes from her. Give her a small cup and she will fill it with mud and plant a small plant it. Our house has a lot of plants inside and outside. I appreciate greenery a lot and even when I am in Bengaluru, I love taking a walk amidst a canopy of trees.”