Ways to take care of your ageing skin

Ways to take care of your ageing skin

Knowing your skin type is a must before you buy an anti-ageing product.

Know your skin, bust the anti-ageing myths and find the right solutions

Ageing has become a common phenomenon today with rising pollution levels and individual lifestyle. Starting from as early as being in the 20s the skin might show signs of pre-ageing. A clear understanding of various skin types and concerns is the key to achieving healthy and beautiful skin. You can be empowered with a lifetime of beautiful skin if you adopt the right lifestyle along with the best-suited skincare regimen.

Know your skin type

There are four skin types in general

Normal- Soft and supple skin with high elasticity, clear appearance and non-greasy texture. 

Dry- Flaky looking skin that gets irritable and tight after cleansing with tendency towards fine lines and wrinkles. 

Oily- Rough and irregular skin with shiny appearance or enlarged pores that are prone to blackheads or blemishes. 

Combination- Dry skin with shiny appearance on nose and forehead with medium-sized pores that may experience some tightness. 

The most prevalent ageing skin concerns for any skin type would be

Pigmentation - Higher production of melanin causes pigmentation which results in dark spots, uneven skin tone, dark circles and dull skin. 

Rough and dry skin- The loss of oil glands that are also responsible for keeping the skin soft cause the skin to go dry. 

Wrinkles- Chronic exposures to sun, smoking and loss of flexibility and elasticity cause wrinkles to form on the skin. 

Crow’s Feet- Wrinkles formed in the corner of the eyes, once formed continue to grow deeper without external treatment. 

Even though everyone tends to age differently, some visible signs are common for every age and stage. Skin ageing concerns are induced biologically as well as by external factors like pollution, exposure to sun to dysfunctional lifestyle. Once you understand your skin type and concern, arises the most important question: 

How to choose and use the right anti-ageing products?

First, we need to understand that skin ageing is not a forties concern anymore. Your skin can age from as early as being in the twenties. A careful selection of products to combat each of these problems for different age groups is necessary. 

Stages of skin ageing and solutions

20s – Signs of Pre-Ageing 

The skin may develop dark spots and uneven skin tone. 

It may begin to lose natural radiance, looking stressed and dull. 

Exposure to sun may increase the production of melanin causing skin to look darker. 

Prevention phase

Adopt a skincare regimen developed to treat concerns by improving hydration, protecting it production against the sun and controlling excessive melanin. 

30s – Signs of early ageing 

Fine lines may start appearing on the skin with visible effects of sun damage.

Light wrinkles may develop near the eyes, visible when smiling. 

Skin may begin to sag slightly and become loose. 

Repairing phase

Focus on using a skincare regime that helps in reactivating repair and regenerating akin to reverse signs of drooping skin and fine wrinkles. 

45+ - Signs of advanced ageing

Prominent wrinkles may start appearing on forehead, near eyes and around lips. 

The skin may develop roughness, dark spots and unevenness. 

Sagging around the eyes, cheeks and jawline may appear to become permanent.

Healing phase

Address multiple signs of ageing like deep wrinkles, sagging and loss of hydration with a skincare regimen that tackles these advanced symptoms. 

It is also important to follow a skincare regimen before stepping out in the open and exposing your skin to the sun, dust and pollution. 

Step 1- Start with cleansing your face to cleanse the pores. 

Step 2- Apply toner to restore pH balance of the skin post-cleansing. 

Step 3- Put a mask on your face after toning.

Step 4- Follow it up with a super-concentrated serum for deep repair. 

Step 5- Apply moisturiser that penetrates deep into the skin to replenish hydration.

Step 6- Top it up with a protective shield (anti-pollution cream) to guard against sun and pollution.

Step 7- Face oil locks in moisture and provides a base for your make-up.

Skin ageing discovery is very important given our busy lives and erratic schedules. It is advisable to find the right solution early on than letting the skin get to a stage where it begins losing its suppleness and sheen. A simple regime also should incorporate the basic cleansing, toning, a day and night cream. It is important to select a product portfolio that offers the right anti-ageing solutions for the various phases - Prevention Phase, Repairing Phase and Healing Phase for healthy and ageless skin.

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