Metrolife: Exam toppers set to fly higher

Metrolife: Exam toppers set to fly higher

Era Gupta and her family.

Three young Bengalureans make their schools and parents proud by getting 99 per cent this season. Neel Mulay (ICSE) and Sanyukta Giri and Era Gupta (ISC) tell Metrolife about their likes and dislikes, and where they see themselves in future.

Era Gupta, 99 percent, ISC

Era’s family, father Ashwani Gupta, mother Kanchan and brother Aryan couldn’t have been more elated. Era who is a student of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, didn’t stress herself out much as she knew that these marks wouldn’t decide her end goal. 

Were you expecting such high marks?

I wasn’t and I wasn’t tensed about it either.

Who was your biggest support system?

My parents helped me stay emotionally stable and academically my teachers guided me a lot. 

Are breaks important when preparing for examinations?

It is very important. Whenever I was off, I would either dance or go for a swim. I never had a rigid schedule. One needs a healthy mind to study well. 

What is your favourite success story? 

My grandfather who is from Jammu & Kashmir was a state rank holder and he was the youngest of his family. He had to take care of his elder sisters too. Whenever I feel disappointed, I recall this story and it inspires me. 

Did you relax during your summer holidays?

Apart from my coaching classes, I went for dance classes at Shaimak Davar’s institute and also for swimming classes.

A weakness?

I sometimes don’t read questions properly and tend to be presumptuous.

Parent speaks

Ashwani Gupta says he always reminded Era to focus.  

“We hope she becomes a doctor and serves in the rural areas,” he says.

Neel Mulay and family.
Neel Mulay with family.

Neel Mulay, 99 percent, ICSE

Neel, student of Greenwood High, just got back from a trip from Europe on the day the results were declared, and was not tensed about the results.  His parents Leena and Sachin Mulay are overjoyed.

How important is to concentrate on different things?

I have been a quizzer and forever been interested in co-curricular activities. It is important to strike a balance. Regular breaks are needed to relax the mind.

Is it important for a student to have a good support system?

My biggest support system were my school teachers. They always advised me to try different practise papers. It is important to be guided during examinations.

Which was your most difficult subject?

It was computer applications. It was tough but I soon started practising more.

What did you find most challenging?

I truly believe that just studying won’t take one anywhere. Striking a balance was important. 

A success story that inspires you...

Cristiano Ronaldo had a humble background and yet he is one of the best footballers in the world.

Parent speaks

Neel’s father Sachin Mulay vouches Neel was always a diligent student.

“I always reminded him that effort and focus are key to success,” he told Metrolife.

Sanyukta Giri
Anita and Sanyukta Giri.

Sanyukta Giri, 99 percent, ISC

A student of Bishop Cotton Girls’ School, Sanyukta is happy that her mother Anita Gopalan, father S V Giri and brother Vikramaditya are proud of her.  

Are breaks important?

Of course! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

How did you enjoy your summer holidays?

I was least stressed about the results. I watched movies and ate ice cream.

Any stories that inspire you?

I do! From B R Ambedkar to so many others, we have many stories about humble beginnings leading to huge success. 

If you win a lottery of Rs 1 crore what would you do?

Buy a lot of books since it has been a while since I’ve read anything. And maybe a home theatre system. I would also save up.

Parent speaks

Sanyukta’s mother Anita says, “I told her to enjoy whatever she is doing and get her concepts clear. We couldn’t have asked for more. We want her to explore her dreams and do 
whatever makes her happy .”