Metrolife: Here, have a happy sundae!

Metrolife: Here, have a happy sundae!

My mother is the reason I became a chef. While everyone was interested in playing outside, I liked spending time with my mother and helping her cook. 

She taught me the basics of cooking. My favourite activity was to make desserts with her. I loved making ‘kheer’ and other Maharashtrian dishes.

But when I decided to take my career further, I chose to specialise in Continental and Asian cuisine. It’s something that I found interesting, especially given that there are so many flavours to play around with. 

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I did my hotel management and tourism diploma from there as well. I worked in Mumbai during my initial years in the culinary industry. I have also worked in the Maldives, Pune and now Bengaluru. I’ve been with Bliss Chocolates for a while; it is now known as Smoor Chocolate Lounge. I work as the executive chef there. 

When I first joined the company, I saw that they prepared only sweets and dessert items. I thought it would be cool to create a savoury meal that will go well with the desserts offered. 

Now, all the Smoor Chocolate Lounge outlets have savoury dish options that one can enjoy. Ravioli is my favourite dish, especially the pumpkin and almond stuffing one.

The dish shared today is perfect for the summer. It’s a sundae that has some bits of many favourites. It’s great to enjoy on a hot day or just when you feel like satisfying your sweet craving.

So let’s share a bowl of love this summer!

Raspberry Lychee Sundae With Roasted California Walnuts
Raspberry Lychee Sundae With Roasted California Walnuts



Lychee ice cream, 3 scoop 

Raspberry sponge, 35 gm

Khova crumbs, 40 gm 

Tinned lychee halves, 2 pieces 

Raspberry fluid gel, 20 gm 

Whipped cream, 10 gm 

Raspberry micro sponge, 30 gm 

Roasted walnuts, 20 gm 



Scoop the ice cream into a glass bowl and decorate with all the miscellaneous ingredients.

Pipe the whipped cream on the top and garnish with roasted walnuts.

Serve it cold!