Iti says films let her travel

Iti says films let her travel

Iti Acharya

Iti Acharya has her hands full now. After finishing the first schedule of her upcoming film ‘Nishachara’, directed by Bhaskar, she is all geared up to wind up the second schedule. The suspense-thriller movie is based on a weekend getaway and is bound to impress all, vouches the actor. 

The film has a new team and the film has a unique story, details Iti, who is playing the female lead. “‘Nishachara’ refers to nocturnal beings and the story revolves around a few young people who are in a mysterious place and affected by paranormal activity,” she says.

Talking about her role, she says, “I am enacting the role of Megha, a city girl who is a young professional and has responsibilities to take care of. She is not too happy with herself and wants to prove herself. To step away from the frustrating turn of events in her life, she decides to go on a weekend getaway with friends which ends up in certain events.”

The film is being shot at different locations across the state. “We shot in Sakleshpur and will be shooting in Chikkamagaluru and Udupi,” she says. 

Iti loves travelling and says that she is living her dream through her films. “I have minimal time to plan for trips separately. So, I often take up projects which let me travel and take me to different places. I get to work too while pleasing the travel freak in me. The only thing is that I do not get to travel to with my own set of family and friends but it is a small price to pay,” she says. 

She strongly believes ‘Kavacha’ starring Shivarajkumar that releases on December 7, will be a gamechanger for her.

“I feel blessed that I got to work with actors like Shivarajkumar who know so much about the film industry yet are grounded. I am at a better place in my career now as I have been offered good films. ‘Kavacha’ will definitely help me mark my space in Sandalwood and make the audience remember me. The film will give me the exact push I need in my career,” she adds.