Roshni plays strong role in ‘Kavaludaari’

Roshni plays strong role in ‘Kavaludaari’

Roshni Prakash

After her stint in Sandalwood with ‘Tiger Galli’, Roshni Prakash is hoping to be back with a bang in ‘Kavaludaari’, directed by Hemanth Rao of ‘Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu’ fame.

Busy with projects in other industries, she has her hopes pinned on her strong role as Priya in the film. She sheds light on her role and more in a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien. 

Tell us about the film.

The film is being made under a big banner and Puneet Rajkumar is the director. I’m acting opposite Rishi, who plays the role of a traffic inspector who gets some bones and is on the search, trying to solve the mystery. The film, as its name suggests is about a two-way road and the film revolves around which path is right and where Rishi’s character would find the right answer. 

The film involves big names like Anant Nag and Achyuth Kumar and is sure to grab everyone’s attention. 

You are depicting a strong character in this film. Tell us about your role.

I play the role of Priya, who hails from the lower-middle class section of the society yet is very strong-willed and ambitious. My character is independent yet a very soft-spoken person. She is responsible, tries to diligently do things so that she can make ends meet and takes care of her father. Priya is hopeful and wishes to lead a healthy and happy life. 

How did the role happen?

I heard about the auditions for the film through a friend and I got a call from Hemanth a couple of months later. He did a look test and asked me to depict a scene and immediately said that I was going to be Priya.    

How different is Priya compared to your other roles?

I played a strong role in ‘Tiger Galli’ too but it was more violent and outspoken role. ‘Kavaludaari’ is a more emotional ride and I had to use my eyes and my silence to express a lot of emotions.

I do not have loud dialogues or emotional outbursts, my emotions are expressed in a very subtle manner here. I had to get a grip on my character and do justice to it. Though I’ve done lead roles, this role is distinct.

Did you have to do any homework? 

I had to be in the character for a couple of days. Since there was nothing physical that I had to prepare for, I just recollected all strong and independent women characters I had read of in news articles or books. I read my lines a day before the shoot but I did not overdo anything. I wanted to keep my character fresh. Hemanth gave me the outline of the character and I tried to keep it as natural as possible. 

Tell us about your rapport with the ‘Kavaludaari’ team. 

Rishi and I come from the same college, so we always had something to talk about. I learnt a lot from Hemanth, he is always immersed in work and has a lot of positivity around him, he believes strongly in team spirit and always motivated me. His energy is infectious. 

One role that you have always wanted to do.

As an actor, I want to experiment with varied roles. I want to do films where I am remembered for my characters, whatever role I play I want it to remain etched in people’s minds. I would love to work on roles like Natalie Portman’s character in V for Vendetta.