Artistes rue lack of fame for Mysuru composers

Artistes rue lack of fame for Mysuru composers

Music festival will celebrate birth centenary of Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, and pay tribute to Mysuru composers.

‘Mysore Asthana Sangeetha’, the 10th annual music festival organised by Bharatiya Samagana Sabha, will kickstart on January 30 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. Metrolife spoke to a few artistes performing the Mysuru bani, and here is what they have to say.

Bangalore Brothers

‘Mysuru Vasudevacharya is a versatile composer’ - Ashok from Bangalore Brothers

Bangalore Brothers, Ashok and Hariharan, will be presenting the krithis of Mysuru Vasudevacharya.

We caught up with Ashok, and he says about the festival, “It is a great effort. Featuring especially Mysuru composers will reveal how different their works are. It provides exposure to the arts and culture of Karnataka”.

The duo has performed Vasudevacharya’s and a few other Mysuru composers’ works before at their concerts. Ashok says, “Vidwan Mysuru Vasudevacharya is extremely knowledgable and a versatile composer. His compositions like ‘Brochevarevarura’ are so popular that some of them are used in films too”.

He admires every aspect of the composer’s works and calls him a “total composer”. He adds, “The Vidwan has composed songs not only on Gods but also on the Trinity of music. It is his way of paying respects to the elders”.

He further explains the technical aspects of the maestro’s songs, “His works depict the complete emotions of the raga. Coming to the aspect of layam (tempo of the song), it is not too complicated; the raga and bhava overlap, captivating the audience”.

He shares his view on the popularity of Mysuru compositions, “The Trinity is celebrated worldwide. The Mysuru compositions are not as famous since they are performed mostly within Karnataka”.

He opines that they can be popularised if we start exploring more of the Mysuru bani and spread it across India.

Bangalore Brothers will perform on February 2 at 12.30 pm.

 Manasi Prasad

‘I am planning to spread T Chowdiah’s works’ - Manasi Prasad

Manasi Prasad, well known Carnatic singer will render T Chowdiah’s compositions at the festival.

Chowdiah’s compositions are not as famous as the work of other Mysuru composers. She says that it was a challenge to explore his compositions.

“I am trying Chowdiah’s compositions for the first time. It was indeed a challenge as they are not even available on YouTube. I got in touch with Chandan Kumar, Chowdiah’s grandson, who is also a flautist, and he helped me with it,” she shares.

Chandan sent her the notations of Chowdiah’s compositions, and she learnt everything on her own. She adds, “Having learnt the compositions, I think they are extremely beautiful. I am planning to take it up as a project and spread his works.”

Talking about why his compositions aren’t that famous, she opines that it depends on preserving and recording the works.

“Chowdiah focused more on performing than composing. Since not many were documented, people did not get to know about his work,” she explains.

About the sangeethotsava, she says that it makes a statement that Mysuru composers are at par with the Trinity composers.

Manasi will perform on February 2 at 10.30 am.

Vinay Sharva

‘Wodeyar’s knowledge reflected in his compositions’ - Vinay Sharva

Carnatic vocalist Vinay Sharva will be performing the compositions of Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar at the festival.

He has exclusively sung Wodeyar’s compositions a couple of times at his previous concerts. He says, “It is pretty challenging. They are composed in rare ragas. The lyrics also contain a lot of information regarding astrology, spirituality”.

He feels that Wodeyar’s compositions give an insight into the kind of person he was, “He was extremely knowledgable, and it reflected in his compositions”.

When questioned why Mysuru compositions are not as popular as the Trinity’s compositions, he affirms that it is not the case.

He elaborates, “Mysuru music has been there since the 1600s and has brilliant composers. Some compositions are as famous as the Trinity’s compositions. But, the Trinity’s compositions have a sort of mass appeal, and also, the Mysuru composers were influenced by these compositions”.

Vinay has also performed for the Bharatiya Samagana Sabha a few times before and feels that the idea for the festival is well-conceived.

“It is a good thing that we pay our respects to the great composers,” he signs off.

Vinay will be performing on February 2 at 11.30 am.