Bus fares spike this weekend

Bus fares spike this weekend

For Goa, you now shell out Rs 2,600 instead of Rs 1,200

Ticket prices to some destinations are high this weekend.

Many in the city are heading to their hometowns for the long weekend. Cashing in on this, some private bus operators have hiked ticket prices by up to 40 per cent, despite warnings from the Transport Department.

KSRTC has deployed extra buses to cater to the high demand.

Metrolife did a reality check of fares for air-conditioned sleeper buses to some popular destinations from April 17 to April 20. We found that they fluctuate. Many people are travelling to vote and celebrate Easter on Sunday.

If you are planning to travel to Mysuru or Mangaluru, it might not burn a hole in your pocket. City Express and SRS Travels are charging Rs 399 and Rs 700 respectively, not too different from their regular fares.

To Mangaluru, it’s Rs 900 in Sugama Travels (regular fare Rs 760).

If you want to book a ticket to Hyderabad, Green Line is charging Rs 1,999 (Rs 1,749 on regular days) and Go Tour & Travels Rs 2,999, a good Rs 1,100 more than the Rs 1,899 you would pay for April 30.

Green Line buses going to Puducherry are charging Rs 1,400 on April 18 while the regular fare is Rs 1,249. Tickets to Goa are priced between Rs 1,400 to Rs 2,600 till the weekend. If you were to visit the tourist destination on any other weekday, you would pay between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,200 in an air-conditioned bus.

If you are headed for Kochi, Kallada Travels is charging Rs 2,700 till April 20.

Fares are lower than Rs 2,000 in the week after next.

Whip cracking

Transport commissioner V P Ikkeri had said the Transport Department would take stringent action against errant operators. He also stated officials would check online booking sites to ensure they didn’t charge more than normal fares.

Metrolife found out that the prices were on the higher side to some destinations, whereas those to others remained the same.

Ikkeri told Metrolife his officials had already booked 81 cases and seized three buses for charing higher fares.

The department is allowing the buses to ply as customers will be inconvenienced, but action will be taken soon after the elections, he said.

To complain, passengers can call the transport department on 94498 63211.