‘Kurukshetra’ audio released

‘Kurukshetra’ audio released

The songs for mythological drama have been recorded live with more than 150 instruments

Sonu Sood (second from left), who also plays a prominent part in the film, flew down from Mumbai for the audio launch.

Touted to be the next ‘Baahubali’, Kannada film ‘Kurukshetra’s audio was launched in the city recently and is getting rave reviews. The mega film’s music has been composed keeping in mind its grandeur, but music director V Harikrishna says it wasn’t too difficult. 
“I began my career in the film industry with dance ballads. The only challenge when making the music for ‘Kurukshetra’ was to create a new sound to suit the contemporary lyrics,”
Harikrishna tells Metrolife. 
He also says that every song required a different feel and flavour. The tunes are a mix of classical and modern beats.

V Harikrishna

“Composing the introduction song of Duryodhana was a challenge because it should explain the character. This type of narration in a song has not been attempted before. I also enjoyed working on the Bhagavad Gita song,” says Harikrishna. 
Interestingly, ‘Kurukshetra’ has a song called ‘Jumma Jumma’ which is like an item song of today. “The song is a throwback on what an item song would have looked like in those times. The other numbers to watch out for is the song on Krishna’s Dashavatara, ‘Saahore Saaho’ and the Kurukshetra Darshana song,” he says. 
“Mixing of the sound took more than a month and the re-recording took four months. I am thrilled that the audio has begun raking in good reviews. This gives us the confidence to make more music,” he explains. 
All the songs have been recorded live with more than 150 instruments.

“We recorded live in Mumbai, Chennai and in Bengaluru,” shares Harikrishna. 

The actors who have been roped in to play specific characters from the Mahabharata include Darshan, Ravichandran, the late Ambarish, Arjun Sarja, Ravishankar, Shashikumar, Saikumar, Srinath, Danish Akhtar Saifi, Lakshmi, Sneha, Nikhil Kumar
and Hariprriya, among others.

The lyrics have been written by Nagendra Prasad.