She fights for the strays

She fights for the strays

Nandita Subbarao is onamissiontospread awareness about community dogs and do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind while interacting with them

For the past three years, Nandita Subbarao has been trying to make street dogs acceptable in society through vaccinations, sterilisations and population control drives.

The 51-year-old says that her efforts are paying off as she has seen a change in the attitude of people towards stray dogs in her neighbourhood. However, she is now hoping that people in other areas come forward to support her in the initiative to make it effective in the entire city. “The government sends out messages to individuals from time to time, like during elections. The same way they can send out public notifications about various drives for street dogs in the city. This will encourage public participation and create awareness,” says Nandita.

She pointed out how people go to private hospitals and pay Rs 2,000 for an anti-rabies vaccine, which they could get for free at a corporation health centre. Similarly, many are unaware that relocating dogs is an offence; under the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, street dogs should be sterilised, vaccinated and released in the same area from where they were picked up. “Lack of awareness is the common problem here,” she rues.

She says that there are numerous benefits of having these community dogs around (“they make great security guards for the neighbourhood and control the rodent population in the area”) but some people get agitated when she speaks for them. “But I try to stay calm. I tell them that these rules are made by the Supreme Court. If I use an intimidating tone myself, they will retaliate and the purpose of the cause will be lost,” she says.



BBMP officials for vaccination, sterilisation drives 

Deputy director, Dr Shashikumar S - 22975566, 9480685653, 8310884665

Assistant directors, Dr Krishnegowda D (South) - 22975752, 9480685395

Dr. G Basavaraju, (West) - 7353963366

Dr Mallappa Bhajantri (East) - 9480683431

Dr Ravi (Bommanahalli) - 9480685209

Manjunath Sindhe (RR Nagar) - 9480685206

Suresh S (Dasarahalli) - 9480684487

Ramesh V (Yelahanka) - 9480683400

K B Rajachari (Mahadevapura) - 9480685207

Find your BBMP ward:


Did you know?

- Many BBMP health centres administer free anti-rabies vaccines to victims of stray dog bites.

- You can identify a neutered dog by the notched ear.

- BBMP offers a free neutering service for street dogs.


Keep in mind

Dog lovers should be mindful when they are feeding street dogs as dogs have a tendency to fight over food.

“We often hear them say that they are feeding these animals out of kindness but being responsible is important too. Feed them in a corner or pick a time when nobody is disturbed,” says Nandita.

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