Sonal sure about Kannada films after Abhisaarike

Sonal sure about Kannada films after Abhisaarike

Sonal Monteiro

Abhisaarike is Sonal Monteiro’s second film in Sandalwood though it was the first film she shot for. After having worked in three Tulu movies, it was sheer coincidence that she stepped into the Kannada film industry. 

It was when she was working on the Tulu movie ‘Ekka Sakka’ that she got introduced to Madhu, who was working as an associate then and is the director of Abhisaarike.

“He told me about my character and I was instantly pulled to it. The film is a women-oriented film and the whole film revolves around my character. I have not done any films earlier which were focused on my role and this was a very enticing project. I am the hero of the film,” she says.

Sonal plays the role of a college student who has a beautiful love story. “But just like in many love stories now, there is another person in the relationship. I play a different character and the audience will recognise me for it,” she says.

“From a sweet and bubbly college loving girl to a psyched out girl, I explore different emotions in the film. There was a lot of space for me to explore the actor in me,” says Sonal. 

Challenges were aplenty for Sonal in this film. “It was the first film I shot in Kannada and it was quite challenging. Since I am a Mangalurean, delivering lines in Kannada was quite an interesting experience.”

CGI effects have been used in the movie to depict a cat and to act around an imaginary being was quite tough for Sonal.  “I didn’t know about such effects and I didn’t know that shooting for such scenes could be so taxing. I was told that by the director to be scared in a scene when the cat drops on me. The worst part is that I love cats and I was wondering why I should be terrified of it. I was told by the director to draw inspiration from Eega,” she says.

Sonal’s first movie in Sandalwood was the recently released film ‘Maduve Dibanna’. “I have worked on more movies which are in the pipeline. While MLA should release by next month, Panchathantra and Love Mattru are undergoing post-production work. 

Ask Sonal, if she feels she has made her presence in the Kannada film industry and she confidently answers, “I am not sure if I made that big an impression with Maduve Dibanna, which was an art movie. The film was a performance-oriented one and I am pretty sure I did justice to my role but the project was appreciated by all. Abhisaarike has definitely got me a lot more attention. I am sure the industry will recognise me for my capabilities.” 

Trivia about Sonal

Sonal hails from Padil, Mangaluru.

She wanted to be a clinical psychologist but her mother encouraged her to try modelling and step into films. 

She was asked to watch Eega and several films by Genelia D’Souza to prepare for Abhisaarike.