JP Nagar citizens outrage over ‘second Silk Board’

JP Nagar 24th Main is the new nightmare, with footpaths being used for parking, and restaurants, pubs and micro-breweries adding to the traffic chaos

About 2,000 JP Nagar and Jayanagar residents marched from Nandini Junction to MLR Convention Centre on Saturday.

Citizens want encroachments on a key road in JP Nagar cleared immediately.

About 2,000 people marched from Nandini Junction to MLR Convention Centre, the stretch they want cleared, on Saturday.

Residents of 24th Main JP Nagar have petitioned BBMP seeking directions to free up the area.

Rajesh Soundararajan, resident and member of Citizens for Bengaluru, says, “It‘s a 1.8 km distance but because of the number of breweries, hookah joints, supermarkets and other businesses, it takes between 45 minutes and an hour to cross the road.” 

One of the major concerns is parking. A convention centre with a seating capacity of 1,000 provides parking for just about 50 cars, citizens complain. 

The pubs and micro-breweries are taking over the footpaths for parking and grabbing public space to expand their businesses.

The licensing agencies should allow such businesses to open only if they provide parking, Soundararajan says.

“This stretch is mockingly called the ‚second Silk Board‘. There aren‘t enough traffic policemen to manage this stretch. And there‘s no place to walk anymore,“ he says. 

Garbage is also a concern. It is not cleared regularly, and the area opposite the 24th Main petrol pump is an example, they say.

Municipal councillor seeks time

R Prabhavati Ramesh, Puttenahalli municipal councillor under whom the road falls, told Metrolife the garbage problem would be addressed soon. “It will take us 15 days to start working on the potholes. As for the pubs and restaurants, we understand many have parking, but we will look into the complaints,” she says.

Some demands

Remove encroachments from streets and footpaths. Instruct pubs and businesses to provide adequate parking. Fill potholes and make it easier for people to drive. Clear garbage regularly and clean up drains. Regulate parking and ensure proper traffic management.

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