State film award winners elated

State film award winners elated

The government has announced the Karnataka State film awards for 2018-19. Metrolife speaks to winners in many categories

The government has announced the Karnataka State film awards for the year 2018-19. Actor, directors, technicians and music directors in the Kannada film industry who have bagged awards are thrilled that their hard work and contribution has been recognised. They share their excitement with Metrolife 

Recognition for team: Satya Prakash

Director Satya Prakash bagged the ‘Third best film’ award for ‘Ondalla Eradalla.’ Satya, says “This award is a recognition of team effort. I still remember that we were very tensed because the subject was a very sensitive one and we wanted to narrate the events in such a way that it wouldn’t hurt the sentiments of anybody. This award is a recognition of our hard work.”

Inspires me: Dayal Padmanabhan

Director Dayal Padmanabhan won the ‘Best film’ and ‘Best director’ for ‘Aa Karaala Ratri’. Dayal says three of his films are close to his heart-- ‘Ranganayaki, ‘Haggada Kone’ and ‘Aa Karaala Ratri,’ but not all of them have won awards. “This award is a boost to my confidence and will inspire me to make better films,” he says.

KGF music was researched: Ravi Basrur

Music director Ravi Basrur was chosen as ‘Best music director’ for ‘KGF: Chapter 1’. Ravi says “A lot of research has gone into understanding the kind of music that was necessary for a pan-India film like ‘KGF...’ We didn’t expect such a grand opening and now the music too has been appreciated. I am grateful for all the love and support.” 

Life-changing: Meghana
Meghana Raj won the ‘best female actor’ award for ‘Iruvudellava Bittu’. She says “Working on this film was a life-changing experience. I have never approached any character with so much earnestness. Purvi, the character I played, is headstrong, ambitious and goal-oriented. I dedicate this award to my director Kantha Kanalli, who believed that I could play such a complicated character.”

Shared honour: P Sheshadri

Director P Sheshadri has won the ‘Puttana Kangal Lifetime Achievement Award’. He says, “Cinema is collective work and I dedicate this award to all artists and technicians who have worked with me so far. This is a recognition of my contribution to the Kannada film industry.”

Multiple win: Rishab
Director Rishab Shetty won ‘Popular entertainment cinema’ award for his Sarkari.hi.pra.shaale kasaragoodu. He says, “We won the National Award in the children’s film category and the film did well at the box office. Awards help us push the boundaries of creativity."

I have never won an award before: Raghavendra Rajkumar

Raghavendra Rajkumar has won the best male actor for ‘Ammana Mane’. He says, “ My brothers and sister have won awards but this is the first time that I am winning an award. I dedicate this to my director Nikhil Manjoo who reposed faith in me.”