Throwing a NYE party at home?

Throwing a NYE party at home?

Everything from shops to F&B outlets will shut by 10 pm tonight, so plan and order in advance.

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Don't wait till the last moment to order stuff

Don’t take the on-demand delivery services for granted tonight. Order in advance.


Delivery services and shops would stop operating earlier than usual. For instance, Fresh to Home and Zepto will operate till 10 pm and 2 am respectively. Meat delivery services like Licious will deliver your orders till 10 pm whereas Tender Cuts is functional till 8 pm.

Food and snacks

Even though food delivery apps fall under essential services, most resto-pubs, bars, restaurants, and ice cream parlours plan to wind up by 9.30 pm tonight. So order on apps like Zomato or Swiggy till these outlets are open.


From big brands like Tonique to small MRP outlets, all alcohol stores are planning to close down by 9.30 pm. Get your drinks and brews through delivery apps like Dunzo and Swiggy Genie before it’s late.


If you have a flight or a train to catch soon after the house party, keep your ticket ready. You will need to show the ticket to the cab driver and also the police if they stop you on the way. There is no ban on cabs. They will operate all night.

Play these group games online

Few things liven up a party as board games do. Don’t worry if you haven’t stocked them

up because there are plenty of online substitutes. You can play these games in groups of two to 15 on your mobile phone. Get them on Android and iOS.

Among us

The task is to fix technical glitches in a spaceship and catch the impostor astronaut among you who’s responsible for the crisis. As you go around the spaceship, fixing the issues, the impostor follows you in order to kill you. If crew members can complete all the space-related tasks before the impostor gets to them or if they manage to catch him/her, they win. You can play it with four to 15 people.

Ludo King

This one doesn’t need an introduction but die-hard fans of the board game must know that the online
version is just as popular. It crossed 500 million downloads in 2020, becoming the go-to game during the lockdown in 2020.

The mobile game allows up to six people to play at once. The rules remain the same. Get a ‘six’ on your dice to start and race your four pawns to finish the game before others.

Heads Up

It combines the fun of two popular games, Dumb Charades, and Name Place Animal Thing. Start the game on the app and hold the phone above your head such that other players can see the screen. The person holding the phone needs to guess the word as others enact the prompt. You need two players or more to play this.


This one requires you to draw a prompt from a choice of three in 80 seconds while others have to guess it. If others can’t land the right answer, you win the point. The person with maximum points at the end of the game is declared the winner. Play with a group of four to 12.

Phase 10

It is a card game like Rummy where players have to complete 10 phases (tasks, that is). The task may need you to have cards of a certain colour or number at the end of each round. The person who reaches the tenth round first wins the game. Play it with two to six friends at once.

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