On my pinboard: Keerti Kumar Badseshi

On my pinboard: Keerti Kumar Badseshi

Keerti Kumar Badseshi

Keerti Kumar Badseshi is a Hindustani classical vocalist who has sung many devotional albums in Hindi, Kannada and Marathi languages. A judge on many singing reality shows, he is also the chairman of ‘Sur Naman’, an NGO dedicated to promoting Indian classical music.
‘Bal Gandharwa’, ‘Sangeeta Ratna’, ‘Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Guru Shishya Parampara Prashasti’ are some of the awards he has won. ‘Veerabhoomi Vandana’, a musical tribute to Indian Armed Forces, is his recent venture.


Inspiration: Bhimsen Joshi

“Bhimsen Joshi’s renditions remain unparalleled even today. I like his songs in Raag ‘Miyan Ki Todi’.
‘Sriniketana’ and ‘Indu Yanage Sri Govinda’ are some of my favourite songs of his.

Apart from him, my music tutor Vinayak Torvi’s musical presentation, depth of understanding techniques and energetic delivery of raag and taans have inspired me to work more on my own music. I am also inspired from the Armed Forces, who relentlessly work for us.”


Music: Mohammed Rafi

“I have a lot of old-time favourites. ‘Ehsan Tera Hoga Mujhpar’ by Mohammed Rafi, ‘Neele Neele Ambar Parr’ by Kishore Kumar are my most liked songs. Among the recent singers, I like Arijit Singh.”


Food: Gulab Jamun

“Homemade Gulab Jamun, Jolada Rotti and Methi Mudde Palya count as my favourites.

I also like North Indian dishes like Palak Paneer with rotis. I am a strictly no-onion-no-garlic person; so this narrows my food preferences quite a bit.”

A scene from 'Sholay'.   

Films: Sholay

“I like patriotic films. Movies like Sholay, Shankarabharanam, Babruvahana and Guru Shishyaru are some of my favourites. Among actors, I like Rajkumar, Vishnuvardhan and Anant Nag; their natural acting attracts me the most. In recent times, I like Akshay Kumar for his choice of films.”


Travel: Chamundi Hills

“I like visiting spiritual places and temples. I frequent Chamundi hills in Mysuru. I have a strange connection with ‘Chamundi Devi’, who resides there. Abroad, I like Niagara Falls, Pittsburg and Indianapolis, because of their scenic beauty.”

Books: Bhagavad Gita

“I am not much into reading. I read a few books on music. Bhagavad Gita is my current read. I also like reading Sudha Murthy’s short stories.”