"Acting with Radhika Pandit was on his checklist":Nirup

"Acting with Radhika Pandit was on his checklist":Nirup

Nirup Bhandari in 'Aadi Lakshmi Puraana'.

After ‘Rajaratha’, actor Nirup Bhandari was seen shooting for ‘Aadi Lakshmi Puraana’ along with co-star Radhika Pandit. While he is looking at other scripts, the actor is excited that he was able to act with the ‘Mr and Mrs Ramachari’ actress.

“I play the role of Aadi and Radhika is Lakshmi in the film. I am not allowed to speak much about the film but I can proudly say that shooting for the film was a great learning opportunity,” he says. 

Shooting with Radhika was on Nirup’s bucket list since he entered the industry.

“She has been in Sandalwood for almost 10 years and has delivered some remarkable performances. She is a professional, punctual and easy to work with,” vouches Nirup.

He adds, “I remember telling her that her performance in ‘Krishnan Love Story’ was outstanding. The film came to her at a young age and it was a challenging character to play, but she did extremely well in it.
She still has that zest for work.”  

Radhika and he often shared opinions about scenes when on the sets. “There would be times when I would ask if a scene could be done in a particular manner and she would agree or add to it,” says Nirup.   

The film which is directed by V Priya, who has worked as an assistant with Mani Ratnam, started shoot in December 2017.

“We shot till August this year and the post-production work is going on now. It was delightful to work with Priya, she is very vocal about what she wants. She loves the word ‘magic’ and if she approves of a scene, instead of ‘Cut’, she would say ‘It was magical’,” says Nirup.

“Radhika and I would tease Priya. When we went for shots, we would smile and say ‘Let’s create some magic’,” Nirup says.
Tini Sara Anien