No plastic cups at DeepVeer reception

The power couple join Bengalureans moving away from eco-unfriendly

BRIDE SIDE Newly-weds Deepika and Ranveer outside her house in Bengaluru.

Instagram pictures shared by actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh tell us their wedding in Italy was nothing short of a fairytale. The couple are in Bengaluru for a reception with friends and family. And there’s some good news for the environment: the couple are using biodegradable tableware for the guests on Wednesday. That means no plastic.

CHUK, which produces eco-friendly tableware, has supplied 75,000 units, primarily 180 ml bowls, for the wedding.        

CHUK has supplied 75,000 pieces
for the reception

Swati Agarwal, communications head of the Uttar Pradesh-based company, hopes the initiative will inspire many.

“They are leading the change and using their influence in the right space. In India, we have over 10 million weddings a year. Imagine if all these weddings were made green, it would really dent the pile of single-use plastic,” she told Metrolife.

These tableware is made from sugarcane fibre which decomposes within 60 to 90 days of disposal, as compared to plastic and styrofoam plates which take at least 500 years, she says.

Sowmya Reddy, Jayanagar MLA and an advocate of environment-friendly products, welcomes the celebrity couple’s gesture.

”As an environmental activist, I believe that every individual can do a bit for the environment. I am really happy that Deepika and Ranveer chose to go eco-friendly for their special celebration,” she says.

Sowmya, who got married in 2015, also had an eco-friendly wedding. She recalls, “Mine was one of the first environment-friendly weddings. I made sure there was no use of plastic cups. All the waste generated was properly segregated, and we asked guests not to waste food.”

She also kept the decorations eco-friendly, with the flowers being made of recycled paper.

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No plastic cups at DeepVeer reception


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