Metrolife People

Metrolife People

Gary Fisher

Founding father of mountain bikes


Gary Fisher, brand ambassador of ‘Trek Global’, is credited to be one of the inventors of the modern mountain bike. He is known as the known as the ‘Founding Father of Mountain Bikes’.

Fisher, who started competing in road and track races at age 12, has won many accolades in his professional cycling journey. He also made the ‘Mountain Bike Hall of Fame’ in 1988. ‘Outside’ magazine listed him in their ‘50 who left their mark in the sport’ in 2000. In 2010, Trek Bicycle Corporation announced a line of Trek bikes in his honour called the ‘Gary Fisher Collection’.

Along with trek bicycle, he brought out some of the most innovative bicycles to market, including the 29-inch wheel size mountain bike.

“The bigger wheels made the cycles ride faster and make it more stable,” he says about his innovations.

Today, at the age of 67, he travels the globe learning and spreading ideas about how the bicycle can empower people to make the world a better place. On that ordeal, he was in the city recently.


M S Murthy



Exploring new dimensions


M S Murthy has been pursuing art for three decades. Initially, he worked as an illustrator and a painter for many print media houses and institutions, but he quit and started freelancing.
From the 90’s he started producing work on Lord Buddha. With human consciousness as his subject, he focused on silence. “It took many dimensions over the three decades,” he shares about his work.
Murthy will be presenting his art exhibition ‘The Bowl’ from November 25 at Gallery Manora, Indiranagar. “After many years, I realised that Buddha was reserved. Through ‘The Bowl’, I have tried to represent his philosophy; it is a metaphor for my work,” he says when asked about his latest series. 
His new series of works focuses on the two forms of ‘the Bowl’ - the ‘Closed’ and the ‘Open’ bowl. He adds that the images have helped him introspect with a new dimension.




Yoga exponent honoured as champion

Twelve-year-old yoga prodigy, Yashwanth, represented India in the ‘South American Yoga Championship 2018’ held at Posadas, Argentina on November 3.
He won the first place in ‘general yoga’ and acquired the second place in ‘rhythmic yoga’.
He was awarded the title ‘Champion of Champion’ at the event.
Yashwanth’s performance was also recognised by Argentina’s news club ‘Capri’s and Misiones’, and they posted a video of his performance on their online platform.





Kadambari Kapoor

India’s first female wine-preneur


Kadambari Kapoor is one of the first female wine-preneurs of India. She is the founder of ‘Gusto’, a wine importer company. Gusto ’s collection includes wine from Bordeaux, Rhone Valley, Tuscany, Rioja,

South Africa and Portugal.

Earlier this year, Kadambari was honoured by the ‘World Wines and Spirits Congress’ as the ‘Most Influential Leaders in Wines and Spirits Industry’. Gusto has won the maximum number of awards amongst all importers.

The company also bagged multiple awards at ‘India Wine Awards’ making it the highest award-winning wine importer.

“Once I realised what my passion was, I quit the corporate world and stepped into entrepreneurship. My struggling days were bad, but I was determined, and here I am today. My husband has been my pillar of support,” shares Kadambari. Kadambari continues to intently work on her vision of demystifying wine selection and consumption and sharing her finds with wine-lovers all over the country.

“Over the years wine-lovers in India have come to trust what Gusto brings to the table and associate it with the thoughtful selection and mindful wine logistics,” she adds.

Gusto is also affiliated with the ‘ABC India group of companies’, a publicly listed logistics firm with over 100 offices nationally.


Ananya Melkote

Qualified for national level gymnastics

Ananya Melkote, a student of Mount Carmel PU College, has been selected for School Games Federation of India’s (SGFI) national level rhythmic gymnastics competition which will be held in the first week of December at Tripura.

Ananya recently won a gold medal in the state level gymnastics competition at Hassan. It was organised by the Department of Pre-University Education Board, Hassan District.