Quick home remedies for common cold, fever

Quick home remedies for common cold, fever

Turmeric, honey and roasted spices can cure many ailments.

With the sudden drop in temperature last couple of days, a common cold is an unavoidable problem. A sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose and body aches, though not serious, can still be a huge annoyance while carrying on with the daily routine.

Metrolife lists out home remedies that you can try for some relief. 

Saltwater gargle

It’s a classic way to feel better instantly. Add some salt to hot water and gargle in your mouth for a couple of minutes to relieve throat aches. 

Homemade lozenge

It will help boost your immune system and it has also been linked to a decrease in viral activity. Take at the first sign of a tickly throat, runny nose or fatigue. Peel and crush ginger root. Boil the ginger and water in a pan and let it simmer. Strain the water. Bring the mixture of ginger extract and honey to a boil. Add lemon zest and let it simmer.

Chicken soup

Make it the way your grandmother made it: golden broth, chicken, carrots and onions. It relives sour throats and congestion. The upside is that one can have it till they feel better.

Garlic rasam

Cut a garlic bulb in half and just breathe the fumes or give your taste buds a trip down South India by drinking some warm garlic rasam. The recipe of the rasam can be modified by adding garlic.

Turmeric milk

Add a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm milk and have it in the morning and evening. A good alternative for tea lovers is frequently drinking hot ginger tea with turmeric.

Eucalyptus leaves steam

Fill a bowl or sink with steaming water, add four to five drops of eucalyptus oil, make a tent with a towel and inhale the steam for three to four minutes. Add more hot water if necessary to keep the steam steady. Repeat not more than twice a day.
Note that some components of the plant’s leaves can cause organ damage, so people with liver problems or disease shouldn’t use eucalyptus oil and opt for a regular steam session.

Grandma’s signature Kashayam

This is the perfect home remedy for the treatment of cold, cough, throat pain and fever. Dry roast coriander seeds, cumin seeds and fennel seeds. Cool them down to room temperature. Grind these roasted spices with ginger powder. Boil the mix in water and jaggery and mix with milk to make a Kashayam drink.