Raining melodious music

Raining melodious music

So large was the crowd that as many as 16 people shared the dais, but for a brief time! Chief guest and director Guruprasad’s speech was to the point.

“I had heard about Bisile. It has a different story and is also technically different,” said Guru before wishing that Bisile would turn out to be another Mungaaru Male. Director Sandeep S Gowda, who seemed nervous, chose to reveal why the film got that title (some incidents take place in Bisile forests) but did not go into the details of why the film took so long to be completed. But his hero Diganth said that he had waited for Bisile for long and was delighted to see that finally the music was being launched.
Describing Bisile to be a romcom, Diganth said the film differed in its treatment of the subject and praised the efforts of newcomer music composer duo Gagan Baderia and Rishikesh Hari.
Jennifer Kotwal, the film’s heroine, in her turn, was amazed at cameraman Niranjan Babu’s stamina to stay awake for 48 hrs at a stretch and shoot! Jenny also had a grouse.

“Most people want to know if I am doing a ‘bubbly’ role, or if I my role is similar to what I did in Jogi? I want to make it clear that not all the roles can be like that of Jogi,” she said, before adding that her role in Bisile was an “emotional and energetic one”.
Finally, it was the turn of the stars of the programme — Gagan and Hari. “We started composing the music for this film two years ago. Everything about this album is good,” said Gagan. Hari began by telling why he chose all Bollywood singers for the songs. “Music has a soul. Our music demanded Bollywood singers. If a Sonu Niigaam can come and sing Kannada songs, then even Rajesh Krishnan can go and sing a Hindi song there!” he declared.

There are eight songs, including one shot using a 1,000 frame camera and two bits. Naveen Yajaman of Swarna Audio, which marketed the hugely successful Psycho, has brought out the Bisile album.  
Soon, it was time for the photocall. The guests became school children, obeying each and every command of the photographers!

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