Retro collection that ‘symbolises hope’

Retro collection that ‘symbolises hope’

Designer Rina Dhaka from Delhi showcases her collection in Bengaluru this weekend.

Rina Dhaka enjoys working on florals and embroidery.

Designer Rina Dhaka’s latest fall collection revolves around the concept of peace and hope in the backdrop of the chaos.

The collection, says Rina, is a dramatic representation of the style with a fusion of the ’70s along with diversity. Mix and match is what sets the collection apart, says Rina, who is showcasing her collection at Blenders Pride Magical Nights on March 3 at Conrad Bengaluru. 

Rina says her latest line plays up the concept of dark romance. “I have tried to bring back the dark romance in contemporary silhouettes. We have extensively used dark green, black, grey, dull pink and battered maroon. Romance and hope is symbolised using flowers, ruffles, frills, bows and big pleats,” says Rina. 

Rina is hands-on when it comes to making her collection. She doesn’t believe in delegating the work and only looking at the final product. She prefers to get involved in every process of churning out a new collection. She also says that her thought process and philosophy is clearly reflected in her work. 

“I remember once that we made a collection in Khadi where the border had Jai Jawan Jai Kisan written on it. The weaver who was working with me was so overwhelmed with the collection that he refused to take money for his work. He felt one with the design. It was evident from his gesture that he too, like everybody else, wanted peace,” adds Rina.   

The collection which she will be showing in Bengaluru is a western line comprising skirts, dresses, trousers and tops. “I enjoy working on florals and embroidery,” she says. 

Asked how she keeps pace with the ever-changing international market, Rina concedes that the fashion industry is changing at a rapid pace

“People are spoilt for choice and the fashion trade is saturated with great talents. Now it is a level playing field where only the best man can win,” says Rina.

Rina observes that the current crop of young designers is lucky because they have been given everything on a platter, unlike earlier times. “We went through a lot of trials and errors and came up with products that today’s designers can readily use. Our experiments have come in handy today,” Rina says. She also hopes to venture into designing for Bollywood.