Sample of stuff at millets fair

Sample of stuff at millets fair

Hosted by the agriculture department, the annual mela offers an impressive array of snacks and products.

Edyardo and Sandy at Somey’s stall.

The Organics and Millets International Trade Fair opened at Palace Grounds on Friday. 

With 400 booths and 220 exhibitors from 10 states, it is a colourful spread for Bengalureans with an interest in healthy eating. Hosted by the Karnataka government’s agriculture department, the fair features 22 food courts.

Metrolife took a walk around the sprawling grounds as soon as the fair opened, and found some unique products.

Sugar-free baby food by Prestine.

Cows wearing Fitbit
Happy Milk, based in Tumkur, uses tech in a big way to rear cattle. The cows wear Fitbit watches that track their sleep and heartbeat, and how much they walk.

The Bengaluru-based company delivers milk to monthly subscribers. Like in the old days, you leave the bottles outside your door and fresh milk is delivered every morning.  

Tulsi cigarettes
For those trying to quit smoking, there’s Mea Ame Organic Smokes. Made from tulsi, green tea, mint leaves and rose petals, it is an organic smoke that helps you cut down on tobacco. Coffee is also added to the mix, which the company believes helps counter the nicotine craving.

Freshness packed in
Somey’s, promoted by entrepreneurs based in the United Kingdom, offers chapatis and puris made from organic grains and millets. They use a packaging technology that gives their food products a six-month shelf life. They also sell pickles, and their products are going at a 20 per cent discount.

Sugar-free baby food
Prestine is food meant for babies with diet restrictions. The company also produces sugar-free baby food. 

Virgin coconut oil
Max Care sells virgin coconut oil made from fresh coconuts, said to be good for cooking, skin and hair. The oil smells like cocoa butter. They recommend you have a spoon of coconut oil every day to maintain good health.

Ragi snacking
Orgtree, from Mandya district in Karnataka, has on display 11 varieties of snacks. Finger millet, ragi and foxtail millet are among the organic items they use to make eats such as brownies, cookies, and millet snacks.

Organics and Millets International Trade Fair is on till Sunday. Entry to is free. For schedule, log on to