‘Sandalwood should have meaningful roles for women’

‘Sandalwood should have meaningful roles for women’

Actors Rohini Nagesh, Manasi Sudhir, Sheetal Hemanth and Chaitra will soon be seen in ‘Ammana Mane’. The movie is directed by Nikhil Manjoo with Raghavendra Rajkumar in the lead. When the cast and crew of the movie visited the DH office on Wednesday, Metrolife caught up with Rohini and Chaitra, who play important roles in the film.

Rohini, who plays the part of Raghavendra’s physically challenged mother in the film, says that it was an emotional journey for her.

She adds, “Playing the role of a mother (a much older character than I am) and acting with a big actor like Raghavendra sir is something I will never forget. My role was very challenging to play.”

She also got a bit emotional while talking about motherhood and her role. Having acted in a few movies and TV serials, Rohini considers the movie as her big break.

Actor Chaitra, who previously starred in ‘Hasiru Ribbon’, plays the role of a judge in ‘Ammana Mane’; a minor yet significant role, she notes. “The role is very close to my heart as it had a lot of me in it,” she says.

While pointing out that the movie is a women-centric one, they also agree that all women need is a platform to showcase their work.

Rohini opines, “It would be great to have more such movies. Giving more meaningful roles and having no age barrier for women is something I want to see more of in the Kannada industry.”

“Women are stronger than men, but we do not have the provision to prove it,” quips Chaitra.